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Saturday, December 6, 2008
Bloggin' From Da Rock: Day 3

Glen Hall sporting this season's trendiest boardshorts.

"He's wearing those panties so his dickhead doesn't get a rash," explained a local Hawaiian guy to his wife as they watched Aussie Glen "Micro" Hall trot down the beach at Pipe with a 7'6" under arm, wearing nothing more than a white pair of women's underwear. It was hands down the funniest thing I've heard and seen since I got to Hawaii a few days back.

The Hawaiian guy went on to explain how Glen must have had his trunks ripped off after a wipeout and that a lot of guys wear that kind of stuff underneath because of the rash factor. He was wrong. Turns out it was Glen's bachelor party and his "mates" suckered him into paddling out at Pipe wearing a pair of his wife's panties, the words "Just Married" scribbled across the butt.

That's the great thing about life on the North Shore, for as serious and life threatening as things can be, there's also quite a humorous side to life over here. Usually it's the Aussies that bring laughter into this little microcosm. Take the Harrington twins for example, after nearly killing Dean Morrison about a month ago in a reckless boating mishap the two have resurfaced on the North Shore. But proving that their reputation indeed preceded them, a multitude of rental agreements were drawn up this winter explicitly banning the two brothers from even setting foot in the houses.

Or what about Drew Courtney? After toiling for 11 years on the WQS the bloke's finally qualified, but that's hardly the story. Awhile back his mates and him got into a revealing discussion about the oldest woman they'd ever hooked up with. Everybody else reckoned they'd never made it with anybody over 40. Then Drew came clean and confessed to sucking face with a 75-year-old. Yes, the aspiring pro surferprobably a bit induced by alcoholgot down with a senior citizen.

So that's the kind of dirt we're digging up here on the North Shore. It's not all guts and glory, but damn if it ain't amusing.

Sometimes on the North Shore the best lineups are on the beach.