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Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Tommy Clowers is a PC

The other day, while cruising on the subway to go shopping with my lady in SoHo (yes, she's got me whipped at times) I spotted an ad with none other than the Step Up king himself, Tommy Clowers. I was pretty damn surprised to see a dirtbike in a city where .01% of the population even seems to know what motocross is. I mean, it's like the complete opposite of Southern California, where everyone seems to be related to or associated with Mike Metzger or Brian Deegan in some way. You could walk around the streets of NYC in a full-on set of Fox gear and people would think that you're dressed up as Raekwon from the Wu Tang Clan (you remember those days when the Wu wore motocross gear, don't you?).

The day I have an ad in the NYC subway is the day I can die happy. Yes, that is my life goal. Sad huh?

Anyways, I yanked my girl over to the massive ad to see for myself and low and behold, it was him. The ad is part of the "I'm a PC" ad campaign that Microsoft has going right now. Usually PC's are associated with dorky ass mothaz, but Tommy Clowers, Pharell of the Neptunes and a gang of other celebrities are trying to change that negative perception.

His name is Tommy Clowers — he's a PC and he cheats death. What are you stupid Mac users doing besides downloading the latest hipster album of iTunes and making your own stupid video blog? Yeah, that's what I thought suckaz!

Note: I can talk crap because I'm a PC and a Mac. What now son? Step back!