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Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Animated Maddo

The closest you'll ever get to having the skills of Maddo.

I just got off the phone with a huge group of producers from ESPN and Red Bull that are in charge of this year's New Year. No Limits. event that is set to take place in famous Las Vegas on New Year's Eve. We were engaged in a phone conference that discussed everything from the progress of Robbie "Maddo" Maddison's practice sessions to the after party that is scheduled to take place after Maddo and Rhys successfully land their death-defying stunts. While in the meeting, I discovered that created a game for their Arcade section, which lets you pretend that you have the skills of Maddo.

The first couple of levels are pretty easy, as they are just practice jumps that take place at the top-secret Red Bull Compound. In these first levels, you'll learn how to shift and use your controls. Once you show that you got what it takes to go big, you then have the opportunity to jump onto the Arc de Triomphe replica in Vegas. I haven't made it that far yet though because I pretty much suck at video games. In fact, I think that Helen Keller would have a better chance at beating this game than I do.

Click the little link thingy below to play the game. Go ahead, give it a stab. Just be sure your boss doesn't catch you burning up more company time than you already do.

No Limits MotoJump 2
Straight Up! Land 3 practice jumps to make it to Vegas and the big jump!