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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
We Need YOU!

Have you ever wished you had the opportunity to let your voice be heard on a grander scale? Wouldn't you love to have an influence on which professional riders get nominated for the annual FMX Awards? I sure know I'd love to be able to influence something like that. Hell, I'd be SUPER pumped if I was one of the people that got to vote for which artists get selected as nominees for the Grammy's. Dude, you wouldn't be seeing Lil Wayne or any of those garbage commercial radio rappers up for hip hop artist of the year — I'll tell you that much. It would more like Blu, Evidence, Planet Asia & DJ Muggs, Madlib, DJ Babu and Iggy Chop. Anyway, enough hip hop talk, this is an FMX blog.

So, right now, I'm presenting you with the opportunity to help in the selection process to see which riders get selected for this year's FMX Awards. I got an email from my friend Oliver Franke of Berlinieros Sports Agency (European big cheese who helps promote the FMX Awards and the FIM FMX series) asking me if I'd be on the panel of experts to help select the nominees. I quickly wrote him back asking if I'd be able to post a blog to let you the viewers send in your picks for each category to help influence my decision. He thought it would be a great idea to get the fans involved, so if you're game, let's get it on!

Here's the email I received from Oliver. Check it out and look over the categories. Come up with your 5 favorites for each category and post them in the comment section of this blog. If you're not a member, it's super super easy to sign up and you can do it by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

Will you pick Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg or Jeremy Lusk for International FMX rider of the year?

"We have 10 categories and each category has 5 nominees. From these nominees, the users of will be able to vote for their favorites. Now we have to find the 5 nominees of each category. It would be great if you could name your 5 favorites for 2008 in each category. The favorites of all experts will be count and the 5 most named names per category will be the nominees.

These are the categories of the FMX Awards:

Best International FMX Rider (best in the world)
Best European FMX Rider
Best German FMX Rider
Best International FMX Rookie (best rookie in the world)
Best European FMX Rookie
Best German FMX Rookie
Best FMX Series / Event
Best FMX Bike
Best Trick Innovation
Best FMX Riders Website

Ok, so those are the categories. You have till Sunday, December 14th to post up your picks. From your picks, I'll take my favorites and bam, it's on son! Voting will begin the 2nd week of January and will be sporting an all new design with new features. I'll be posting the site up as soon as it's time to begin voting. Please participate and be a part of history.

Or will you pick Remi Bizouard, Andre Villa or Mat Rebeaud? It's in your hands!