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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Updated: May 18, 12:59 PM ET
Peter Olenick Dating Profile

Peter Olenick

Peter Olenick

"I like to have fun; and I like to surround myself with people who like to do the same."

The Basics:

Age: 24
Relationships: Never married
Have Kids: Not at present
Want Kids: Someday
Body Type: Athletic and toned
Height: 6' 2"
Favorite Song: "Now You're Gone" by Basshunter
Religion: No serious religious views
Smoke: No
Drink: Occasionally not drinking

About Me And Who I'm Looking For:

My name is Peter Olenick. I am a fun-loving 24-year-old professional athlete from Carbondale, CO. I've been in the dating scene for several years now, and I've been having fun, but haven't found the fulfillment that I ultimately want from life. Lately, I've been feeling empty as a result of my inability to rise to the expectations of my prospective mates. Or perhaps I should say that I've been frustrated by my dates' inability, or refusal to grow up and adopt a realistic set of expectations. If you want to have fun with Peter, get my number and text me. If you want to control Peter, be advised that wild hearts can't be broken.
Peter Olenick and Ryan Sheckler's Mom
Me and Ryan Sheckler's mom. Can I be on your reality show now, Sheck?

More About Me:

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Best Feature: My Status
Body Art: None that I can't scrub off in the morning.
Sports and Exercise: Skiing, Dirt Biking, Tiger Woods Golf '08, Dancing, Hockey, Aspiring To Drive Rally Cars, Kayaking. And not the lame sea kayaking kind. Like I said, if you want to have fun with Peter, then let's do that.
Exercise Habits: Variable. T Woods every day.
Daily Diet: Eggs, Cheese, Chicken, Emergen-C, Snus, Monster, Tacos, Subway, and Olive Garden — you know, nice places.
Interests: Big Trucks, Big Jumps, Tight Abs, Romantic Encounters, Traveling, Beirut, Quarters, Shot Or Dare, Speed Pong, Moose, Kegstands, King's Cup, Up And Down The River, Slap The Dealer, Body Shots, The Greek System, Time Management
Education: Just the right amount of college
Occupation: Being Peter Olenick
Income: I wouldn't want to crash your CPU with all those zeros.
Languages: English (Standard American), Some Swedish, Spanish, Girl Talk
Sign: What's your sign?

About The Girl I'm Looking For:

Peter Olenick
I love a girl with a good tan.
Hair: Dark hair is preferred, blonde is acceptable. No redheads.
Eyes: Blue or green, both open the same amount.
Height: 5' 2" to 5' 8" without heels.
Age: 18 to 27
Body Type: Thin like Rihanna; not thin like Kate Moss. Tan like Rihanna; not tan like Jessica Simpson.
Languages: English for essential communication; Portuguese for exclamations of passion.
Ethnicity: Italian or some kind of Spanish.

Peter Olenick
White jeans are a big turn-on for me.

Faith: Trust in me, but don't chirp in my ear about it all the time.
Education: Street smart but not book smart.
Occupation: I want you to have a job that allows you to readily take time off for vacations. But I also want your job to take up enough of your daily schedule that I still get plenty of me time.
Smoke: No
Drink: Yes, as long as it doesn't cause you to cry and send text messages.
Relationship History: Anything as long as it doesn't become a regular conversation topic.
Have Kids: Depends on custody status.
Want Kids: Shouldn't be relevant to our relationship.
Turn-ons: Boots, White Jeans
Turn-offs: Use of the word "dude" in casual conversation; use of the question, "Where do you see this going?" in any conversation.

Strong, smart, successful, sensitive, and tall, Peter Olenick needs a Princess Charming to have a little fun with, and maybe make a mistake or two. You could be that mistake! If you liked what you saw in Pete's profile, send his manager, Jake, a text (pics encouraged) at (207) 272-2156. If you have more photographs, or a profile of your own you'd like to send, hit Pete up by electronic mail at