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Friday, December 12, 2008
A few things that jumped out from the Saints-Bears matchup

By Scouts Inc.

Sometimes, it just jumps off the screen. Other times, it takes a second or third look. Scouts Inc. watched the Saints-Bears matchup and learned a few things about each team.

Bears 27, Saints 24
• The Bears' defense did a good job against the Saints' No. 1-ranked offense. Chicago jumped out to an early lead thanks to an opening kickoff return for a touchdown by Danieal Manning, which allowed them to be aggressive on defense. With a variety of overload looks and by mixing up the blitzes, the Bears were able to capitalize on the Saints' inconsistent pass protection up front and pressure QB Drew Brees.

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New Orleans
• The Saints' pass protection suffered without LT Jammal Brown in the lineup. The Bears attacked the Saints' protection schemes aggressively, which forced Brees to rush his decisions, adjust in the pocket repeatedly and force some throws into coverage. Once the Bears had success creating pressure early in the game, they could show pressure before the snap and drop their linebackers into coverage.

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