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Friday, December 12, 2008
Missed It By That Much

How much would you pay for a much hyped, ultra rare, wrapped new, 1/100 Volcom snowboard (size not noted) without bindings? Apparently, it wouldn't be $800 bucks, cause that was the reserve price on an eBay auction this last week featuring the "Trophy Wife" series deck with art by Mike Aho, and that ultimately came up short, without a single bid.

It's unclear the real deal here. Kinda sketchy at best it would seem. These boards are so far for team only. The seller was from Costa Mesa, California, which is curious, and also just set-up their account, with a zero feedback score. Whether a company insider or one of the riders on the program & who knows? What is certain, and kinda funny, is that they're a plagiarist using my actual blog post from March 25 "Volcom Snowboards(?): Exclusively, Unavailable" for the product description:

"The snowboarding message board chatter is getting wild and wooly lately over speculation Volcom is launching a small hardgoods' program. Product pics have shown up like the ones seen here. (However, this deck pictured is actually from the '05/'06 season, was made by Lib-Tech, in a super-limited quantity of no more than 20.)

The inside word and company line, as given to me this afternoon by Volcom Brand Manager Billy Anderson, is that this is strictly a team program for riders without a current board sponsor, such as Pro Seth Huot and Am Zac Marben.

Though unconfirmed, a relative assumption is then that any shred on the Electric Visual teamwho might come up short and sponsorlessgets this special, gap-benefit coverage by default. (See Electric was recently sold to Volcom.) If so, style-legend, Jackson Hole local, and longtime V-Stone family-member Bryan Iguchi, at the demise of Illuminati, is also on board.

The new Trophy Wife seriesnow manufactured by GST (in Austria)and again, not being offered publicly, comes in four sizes: 137, 152, 154, and 158. With only a 100 boards at the ready, in hand, or underfoot, you may just want to watch eBay over time for the crack at yours

"Jrad-Hyphy" if that's your real name (laughing) & I've got your number, as well as Volcom TM Billy Anderson on the phone. You're going down. If I can't have one these boards in the bag, neither should you. So busted.