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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Marine Mammal Moment

As we all know, surf travel can present some down time. That even goes for surfers traveling on the tour. The women warriors of the ASP are in Maui, going on the sixth day of waiting around to continue with the quarterfinals of the Billabong Pro.

Layne Beachley, Flipper and friends.

Now there are some surfers who, by their very nature, can turn the slightest break in the action into four days debauchery, with a chaser of Jack Daniels. But then there are those who take advantage of the off days. Hey, you're in Maui. It's not like you're stuck in Dallas.

Silvana Lima and seven-time world champ, Layne Beachley took advantage of the down time to get acquainted with our marine mammal brethren, as they swam with hundreds of spinner dolphins at Honolua Bay Marine Reserve, this week.

"It was one of those amazing moments in life for me," said Beachley, "They were alongside of us, under us, all around us and we were right in the middle of The Bay. It was serene and surreal to be with wild dolphins in their own environment."

The forecast is not looking too good for this event. They are moving over to Ho'okipa tomorrow. Today the ladies will have all sorts of time for diving, hiking, biking, canoeing, knitting (Bruce Irons has been known to crochet entire board bags during long holding periods) , or whatever else they want to do. Bonding with dolphins is a worthy activity — better than hunting cougars anyway.

Silvana Lima killing time, while waiting for her quarterfinal heat.

—Jon Coen