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Friday, December 19, 2008
Don't Fear The Ripper

The Powell Peralta "Ripper" graphic not only helped define the legendary brand, it defined a generation. The iconic skeleton ripping through an undefined surface found its way on to countless boards, tee's, stickers, banners and tattooed body parts. Now, Skate One, the umbrella company which runs Powell alongside a bunch of other brands, has appointed a long list of skate artists (40+) to compose their interpretation of the unmistakable graphic. So far on board, are dudes like Todd Bratrud, Dennis Mcnett, Dune, Don Pendleton, Keith Meek, Bigfoot, Fos, Jason Adams, Cab, Russ Pope, Esao Andrews, Shepard Fairey, Michael Sieben, Kevin Ancell, Lance Mountain, Jimbo Phillips, OG Powell Peralta graphics man, VCJ and many, many more. It'll all happen at January's ASR in meeting room 288, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And if you can't quite make it out to ASR, don't sweat it cause a book will be made of the art sometime after the show wraps. This one's gonna be sick. Check it out any way you can.
—Jay Riggio