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Friday, December 19, 2008
Scotty Wittlake POV

In the last two days of Fall 2008 ... it can be made claim that winter has hit The West. Better late than never. But in fact, it comes right on schedule. Weżve been getting hammered here. Dumped on. It's blowing cold smoke. A real puke fest to put it bluntly.

And so, on my last day of two contract periods writing for EXPN (thank you to the many involved and all who followed along on this line of mine over the year), who better then to check in on—in my honest opinion—then one of the few current riders who truly represents snowboarding and its root culture: soulfully stylish, progressive, creative, flawed and f--ked up; passionately driven, in your face living a life confronting conventional wisdoms with and without cause at every turn, silently inspired by heart, eagerly given over to any kind of adventure, not of need or want for anything more than sick mountain terrain and grimy, bustling cityscape, boards and bikes and bros and beers, but Scotty Wittlake; the organic rotten apple of the bunch in sweet bite to the flying tomato of engineered hype.

I offer you two fine examples of such a personal point of view: an żopening dayż portrait shot at Mt. Hood Meadows and video montage, both by the kid who outright quit a professionally paid career on the rise to instead more purely savor the experience itself.

Following Scotty's lead, I'm running to the hills ... out and gone.