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Monday, December 29, 2008
Damn Ams in the Fantasy Factory

As his alter ego soul singer guy

Sometimes it's easy to be annoyed by antics, whoever the court jester, which is why the switch needs a good flipping to off when I've watched a few too many Rob & Bigs. This may suit MTV well, since I have an attention span, which lasts longer than the time it takes to melt butter, or my brain, in a microwave (about 15 seconds) and don't require the acne-fighting services of OxyClean Pads (unless I ate some really greasy pizza the night before). However, so many of my non-skateboarding friends think this guy's the coolest thing since whatever reality TV show was hot before. They seem to realize that he's all tongue and cheek—a skewering of traditional reality TV (albeit, a sometimes unbearable skewering, in my eyes)

But, his MTV pursuits—the mini horse, the boy band alter-ego and the scripted feel of every episode—aside, you have got to give Rob Dyrdek his respect for his origins. The other day, I looked him up, after I saw the above clip of the Fantasy Factory, and thought back to the days of Alien Workshop, when they staked their beginnings on a little Dyrdek who shredded everything (before I even skated). As always, I'm happy for the man. Like I've said before, get some (First sponsored writer, Josh Brooks? Monster, follow up on this one). While I'll chuckle through a few of his reality shows, before I go insane, his part in Memory Screen will always root him in greatness (Note to devout Rob and Big fans: his part is wedged into lots of artsy footage, so I suggest upping the Ritalin to get to Dyrdek's part).—Joshua Brooks