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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Updated: January 1, 6:48 PM ET
Happy New Year

Matt Walker

Matt Walker
Matt Walker
New Year's Plans? I am going to bring in the New Year partying with the Breck nonbar crew. I have no idea where it will be or who will be involved but it will be a good crew with millions of chicks and hopefully very few pesky officers of the law. Hopefully the morning of the first is snowy enough to make a two o'clock start acceptable.
New Year's Resolution? Have a fun, injury-free season of shredding with all my homies.

Ashley Battersby

New Year's Plans? I'm going to stay home and indulge in all the chocolate I can while all my friends get hammered and fall asleep before midnight. I hope my Prince Charming wakes me up with a New Year's kiss at 12:00!
New Year's Resolution? Get strong, healthy, and come back next year and dominate. I also want to get my pilot's licenses!

Tom James Schiller

TJ Schiller
TJ Schiller
New Year's Plans? VERNON and I are going to slide some rails in the a.m. and get down with some real wild style antics. Then we are going to get a bunch or beers and find some bargains at the bargain store. With any luck we'll find some wacky attire to wear that eve. Then we are going to have a tailgate party minus the trucks. In the morning we have the Tignes Airwaves contest. The organizers chose me as team captain so I chose the team. All the American riders I invited dropped out so I asked VERNON to take their spots. Now instead of North America vs. Europe its VERNON vs. EUROPE. So the whole team is going to pre-France-party VERNON style in VERNON. Waking up to get on our flights will be a whole other story.
New Year's Resolution? Have the best season injury free with tons of SCHRALPING!

Mike Henitiuk

New Year's Plans? I'm heading out to Vernon to chill with the boys. Dorey just got second at the Breck Winter Dew Tour, so I think he's buying!
New Year's Resolution? Ski as many powder days as possible.

Justin Dorey

New Year's Plans? On New Year's Eve I'll be in Vernon with my friends — probably wearing a nice Christmas turtle neck and enjoying some classical jazz music.
New Year's Resolution? Play more ping pong.

Ian Chug Cosco

Ian Cosco
Ian Cosco
New Year's Plans? I'm partying my face off with the entire Canadian crew in VERNON.
New Year's Resolution? To [after]bang my tricks harder than Tom Wallisch.

Tom Wallisch

New Year's Plans? Hanging out with the fam and then partying with all my old friends back in good ol' Pittsburgh, Pretzelvania.
New Year's Resolution? To never break a bone ever again. I will also be drinking only milk for the whole next year (nothing else—not even any water).

Michelle Parker

New Year's Plans? I've spent the last two New Years with Anthony Boronowski in Whistler. He just happens to be in town with his girl Spencer. I haven't made it to midnight yet with Tony, so maybe that will be my New Year's resolution. To make it all the way until midnight. I think we'll drink some Twisted Tea, play with Rubik's Cubes, Uno Attack, and Jumbling Towers (a.k.a. Jenga). Then it will probably be around 11:30. That's when we'll be considering going out or staying in. Usually this happens all the way until midnight. Tony and Spencer will most likely have their New Year's Kiss time while I try to distract myself by changing my goggle lens to suit the following day's weather.

Chris Benchetler

Chris Benchetler
Chris Benchetler
New Year's Plans? They're always a last-minute decision for me, and I intend for this year's to be the same. I will have drinks with the seven residents of my household, wait for a phone call or group decision on where to gather, recruit a sober driver, have more drinks, then kiss my girlfriend the moment the clock strikes twelve.
New Year's Resolution? Still haven't decided that one either. I'm leaning towards giving up something in my diet. Maybe sweets or junk food while traveling. We will see.

AJ Kemppainen

New Year's Plans? At first I'm going to have a night photo shoot in the snowpark of my home ski resort, Ruka, with all my friends. The kickers will be perfect and groomed just for us. After that, it's time to have a sauna at my friends place and chill for a while. Before midnight we will hit the bar, meet all the others on the dance floor and just go with the flow!
New Year's Resolution? I promise to have as much fun as possible!

Peter Olenick

New Year's Plans? I'm going to start the day super hung over because my little sister's 21st birthday is the night before so I might have a bloody mary or two in the a.m. Then we have a ton of friends in town, Aspen, that is, and we are going to go to this house party and play a little game we call "not my house." Our friends from high school are house sitting a mansion in Snowmass for the year so they are gonna have a huge party that we are going to drop in with like 35 and just party on. Hopefully we'll add to the Makeout Album and just have a fun time.
New Year's Resolution? Last year it was do everything in my power to make my sister's life harder. This year I think I am going resolve to have no standards and no morals or something like that. I was going to give up snus but I love it too much.

Grete Eliassen

Grete Eliassen
Grete Eliassen
New Year's Plans? New Year's Eve I'm going to be breaking the New Year in with my friend, skater Lauren Perkins in San Celmente, CA. Then on the 1st at 7:45 a.m. I will be flying to British Columbia to go cat skiing with skiers and snowboarders from the Oakley Team. Today I went snowmobiling...brap brap!
New Year's Resolution? To do 300 situps every day.

Ahmet Dadali

New Year's Plans? I'm going to have to engage in a meeting with a massive amount of other people.
New Year's Resolution? Learn some double flips.

Blake Nyman

New Year's Plans? Lucky for me, the New Year is going to happen long enough after my shoulder separation that I should be able to use it. To christen the coming year I'll be shredding snowmobiles around Northern Utah with some close friends. Healthy shoulder and avalanche free.
New Year's Resolution? I've always wanted to learn an instrument and a language, so I'll be purchasing a piano and starting to study French.

Luke Van Valin

Luke Van Valin
Luke Van Valin
New Years Plans? To bring in 2009, my trusty pal Chad Warren and I plus a slew of other North Idaho degenerates will head up to Schweitzer for a peppermint schnapps pow day. As the night begins to cloak us in dahkness we will retire to Dirty Bob Legasa's on-hill estate for some heavy shot ski tipping and frivolity à la Squaw Valley, 1989. Once the gang and I feel appropriately debaucherous, we'll continue to a little establishment known as Taps on the top floor of the Schweitzer lodge. There we will cover ourselves in shiny New Year's streamers and flashy cone-shaped hats while blowing whistles and dancin' 2008 right out the door. After all that what-have-you is complete and the sun is almost visible in the eastern sky, I will retire to a van down by the bunny hill. The beauty of this is that when I wake up in the morning, freezing my ass off and most likely still in my ski boots, I'll know I can only go up from there.
New Year's Resolution? My New Year's resolution is to live for today and stop worrying about tomorrow.

CR Johnson

New Year's Plans? Shred during the day. Hang with my amazing woman at home for the night.
New Year's Resolution? Live a righteous year: Be as happy as I can while I am alive, and treat myself and others with love and respect.

Henrik Harlaut

New Year's Plans? On New Year's Day I will be hitting urban rails in Toronto with Level 1 Productions.
New Year's Resolution? My New Year's resolution is to become really steezy with the help of a couple of more layers of tall tees.

Mike Douglas

New Year's Plans? I'll be flying on an airplane. Getting on at noon New Year's Eve and arriving at 5:30 p.m. New Year's Day. Missing everything!
New Year's Resolution? Trying not to suck [at skiing, I presume].

I will be in the same position as Mike Douglas, on a plane for South Korea. I'll board a plane at ten in the morning on December 31, 2008, and I will disembark in Seoul late in the afternoon on January 1, 2009. The "New Year" will take place upon crossing the International Date Line at some point in the early afternoon. That is, New Year's for me will happen when I instantly go from like 1:00 p.m. on December 31 to 12:00 p.m. on January 1. I will avoid midnight in every time zone.

If I survive the New Year's Day time warp descirbed above, I'll be skiing in Korea for a week. In that time, I will endeavor to say lines from John Wayne movies to pretty girls, snowllerblade, and eat the reproductive organs of as many different species of marine life as possible. Stay tuned to the blog for more soon. And of course, Happy New Year!