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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
A Little Rebirth

If you're a skier in the mid-twenties-plus crowd, you must remember the fabulous sport of ski ballet, or acroski. I grew up skiing during the unfortunate downturn in the level of respect accorded to, and number of participants in that sport. For example, a girl who skied at my home mountain proudly tossed about that she was the number two female in her age group in acroski. When we checked the national rankings list, we discovered that her age group had exactly two competitors, nationally.

As happy as I was to find out the humorous truth beneath that girl's annoying boast, I was also sad to see something that cool (and funny) going permanently by the wayside. But now, a few decades after the heyday of ski ballet, in a time when late 80s/early 90s irony is so hot right now, it's high time that we started seeing some exciting reincarnations of that disremembered discipline. And here we have it. The video below is the third installment of the Traveling Circus series from Line Skis. It's different, it's entertaining, it's creative, and it's at times reminiscent of acroski. Sorry for that comparison, guys, but please keep in mind that I really do think that acro is cool in a way.

Traveling Circus - Episode 3 - The Incredible Journey NY to CO from Line Skis on Vimeo.