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Friday, January 2, 2009
Updated: January 3, 9:07 PM ET
New Year, Near Miss

Jamie Martin found himself lost in the backcountry of Seymour Mountain, B.C., for three days, eating nothing but snow, developing severe frostbite, and eventually becoming delirious and hallucinating his own rescue. But due to foul weather, the rescue mission had to wait. And wait. Until the third day skies cleared and a search and rescue team was finally able to be dispatched.

After riding Seymour's Brockton chairlift, Martin had strayed out-of-bounds into an area known as Suicide Gully. At one point he sunk to his armpits in snow, and by this time daylight was fading. Having no snacks, no water, no extra protection—Martin went days without eating and his snowboard pants were shredded after falling into a river. Wet and freezing, he dug a snow trench and took shelter in a hollowed log, all but giving up his fight.

But Wednesday morning, a team specially trained to "find bodies," located his tracks and one of the team's dogs was able to sniff him out. He was 2.5 miles from the Seymour resort boundary.