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Friday, January 9, 2009
Updated: June 15, 1:50 PM ET
Still Crazy After All These Years

Yesterday the surf sites were abuzz with the news that Nathan Fletcher snapped his femur while in the middle of a cutback at Pipe. According to the post on Surfline, the bone broke in two places people on the beach even heard it snap. Fortunately Nathan is one of the toughest SOB's in surf, and after undergoing overnight surgery at Queens hospital, he's already been released and was spotted grinding the Cholo Bowl on the North Shore.

Ok, that last part's bullsh*t. But what's not bullsh*t is that Nathan spent his formative years surfing in San Clemente alongside other punk rock all-stars like Archy and his brother Christian. These days San Clemente's still producing some of California's best surfers, the brothers Guduauskas, Nate Yeomans and Mike Loseness all come to mind right off the bat. Over the years the funky beach town's proved time and again—from old school Jim Hogan to new school Shane Beschen to pre school Kolohe Andino—just like happy cows come from California, good surfers come from San Clemente. Blame it on Trestles if you like, or blame it on its proximity to the heart of the surf industry, but if you need proof all you have to do is check out this clip that filmmaker Matt Wybenga put together for us—oh yeah, and good luck Nathan, endure the pain, heal quick, and know that San Clemente's pullin' for you.