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Friday, January 16, 2009
Pat Moore

Another teaser for the Snowscrapers event coming to New York City on February 5th, being held at East River Park. This clip features Pat Moore, who has been the principal rider overseeing the building and design of the jump. After he briefs us on his personal background—growing up in New Hampshire, riding the Boneyard and coming up as a park rat—he explains how "the whole urban snowboarding thing" was just a natural evolution for his style of riding. So what does Pat expect from the Snowscrapers event? "A huge crowd, amazing snowboarding, and just...a giant party." Sounds like a good plan to me. For more on Pat and his involvement with the comp, check out our interview with him.

Peep the official Snowscrapers rider list:

Shaun White
Pat Moore
Travis Rice
Dustin Craven
Eero Ettala
Kevin Pearce
Mikkel Bang
Terje Haakonsen
Danny Davis
Kazuhiro Kakubo
Torstein Horgmo
Scotty Lago
Andreas Wiig
Greg Bretz
As if the 8 oz size wasn't potent you can shoot Red Bull.
Bjorn Leines
JJ Thomas
Jake Blauvelt

Speaking of Red Bull and "evolution," the energy drink is about to go pocket-sized: a new "Red Bull shot" will hit the market this May 2009. Can't say for sure how I feel about a smaller, more potent Red Bull. As it is, the regular Taurine elixir gets me running circles—I can't even imagine the punch these little guys will bring. Maybe something like this. To see what consumers are saying about the new bite-sized bursts in a can, go here. Pay careful attention to the second clip with a guy who says he prefers Red Bull over Monster and Rockstar. Brand loyalty and all, that's fine, but watch how fast he's swiveling in his chair. Anxious at all? Like, maybe you should cut back on the energy juice, dude.