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Friday, January 16, 2009
European Open Results

Kevin Pearce nabbed first for the second year in a row at the European Open.
The 10th European Open finished up yesterday in Laax, Switzerland. Here's how things panned out:

Men's Pipe:

Pearce's winning run popped off with a Crail air to a McTwist, followed by a frontside 1080 tailgrab, Cab 1080, Frontside 900, finishing out with a frontside air.

1. Kevin Pearce
2. Shaun White
3. Iouri Podladtchikov

Women's Pipe:

Clark led throughout, but her final victory run turned out to be her best: Frontside 720 tail grab followed by a Cab 720, back-to-back 5s, and topped it off with one of her well-known, man-sized frontside airs.

1. Kelly Clark
2. Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas
3. Paulina Ligocka

Men's Slopestyle:
Another big win for Danny Davis this season.

The slopestyle course included a mini-spine log jib, followed by a wallride and the choice of a down rail or down box then a halfpipe feature followed by three kickers. Danny's winning run went down with a backside corked 360 handplant on the log jib, an alleyoop rock-n-roll on the wallride, a switch backside lip on the rail, and a switch back seven and a backside 720 mute grab on the pipe hits followed by a switch backside 900 mute, a frontside 1080, a 180 on the roller, ending the jump line with a Cab 900 crail. Dang.

1. Danny Davis
2. Peetu Piiroinen
3. Shaun White

Women's Slopestyle:

Newcomer Lisa Wiik of Norway claimed her first major career win with a frontside 180 nose tap on the log jib, a frontside 360 on the wallride, a 50-50 nosepress on the down box, a frontside air and a backside inverted 540 on the halfpipe hits and a backside 540 mute, frontside 360 and a backside 360 indy on the final three booters.

1. Lisa Wiik
2. Sina Candrian
3. Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas