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Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Updated: March 26, 4:14 PM ET
ESPNHS: Best of fan blogs 1/19-20

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Kurt's Bittersweet Victory

By CoolEthan182
Being a Rams fan, the fact that I was overcome with joy when the Eagles took a 25-24 lead with ten minutes remaining in the NFC Championship game was understandable. Why would I ever cheer for the Cardinals? Ever since the NFL switched to the current divisional format we all know and love, the Cardinals have been one of my most hated organizations. However, I couldn't help but smile as I watched Kurt Warner lead the Cardinals down the field to clinch an awe-inspiring, bittersweet ... Read full post

NFC Championship Game: Jan. 18th, 2009

By SportsFanOfNY
Arizona did it. They pulled it off. (Thankfully :) ) they went against my pick (Eagles) and played a heck of a game! The crowd was perfectly loud, their white towels waving in the air. It was a perfect scene for a playoff showdown. ... Read full post

What Else Can You Do, Philly?

By coleadbe
The Philadelphia Eagles have just lost their fourth NFC Championship Game in ten years to the Arizona Cardinals. While for many teams, this would be tremendous success, it isn't for the City of Brotherly Love. Many Eagles fans are calling for the firing of head coach Andy Reid, and they are growing tired of quarterback Donovan McNabb, who is constantly under fire. Be realistic fans, these guys are essential to your success. Eagles fans aren't thinking about the ramifications that these actions could bring. ... Read full post

Ravens Offseason

By lil AAlaxer13
The ravens offseason has got to be one amazing one. First off, as many of you know the ravens NEED depth in their secondary. I say we go out and get a CB with our first pick, that way we have Samari Rolle, Chris McAlister, and _ _. When Dwaun Laundry comes back switch him and Leonhard of every other series. On offense, we need the add a third receiver. I know we have Demitrius Williams who was injured but i think we can go out and get Boldin. ... Read full post

LaDainian Tomlinson

By smoothshooter01
I am getting sick and tired of all the trade rumors around this guy, I really am. This guy is still a dominant player, I know the numbers don't suggest that, but sometimes numbers can misjudge a player. When healthy this guy has proven that he is one of the best backs in the league. Example he has been healthy week 1 and week 17, and in those two games he had combined numbers of 193 yards, 3 tds, and an average yards per carry of around 5.5-5.7. And one of the games was against a very good Panthers team. Call me crazy, but for next season regardless of what team LT plays for, I predicate he will have over 1,500 yards rushing. ... Read full post

Super Bowl

By neilvr95
Well here we are again, the Super Bowl. and The Arizona Cardnials are in it for the first time in their history. I suppose i should hate their guts sence they are in the same divisions as the Seahawks, but I dont. They have been the Hawks punching bag for to long for me to feel anything but sympathe&.for now:) Once the Hawks get good again this could turn to an intense rivalry.

Super Bowl

By Danny Majerowicz
Steelers and Arizona& well not what I wanted but a good matchup. The Steelers D vs the Cards O. Fitz and Boldin vs Troy. My early Predictions is that the Cards will have their way with their new found Defence and running attack which will help their passing gaming. Cards:38 Steelers: 24

Who will win the Super Bowl

By mjbgls3
Steelers or Cardinals?

my team

By 850Jags
i mean im not braggin but you dudes i m dragging down to the floor by big numbers cant loss to chumps cause i got they numbers yeah it sound like thunder when going head to head making yall wonder if yall can top this impecable team when gone win it all like the league.

predictions for 2009

By diehard_cubsfan23
my predictions for 2009 (made these new years day):
BCS - Sooners over Gators, Super Bowl - Steelers over Cardinals, NCAA Mens - UConn over Oklahoma, Stanley Cup - Red Wings over Capitals, NBA Finals - Cavaliers over Nuggets, World Series - Cubs over Rays

Braves 08 review and 09 preview

By priorfire5
For as long as I have been a Braves fan, I have never felt the despair, mixed with anger, as I did during the entirety of the 2008 season. The Braves were just downright awful in 2008 losing 90 games. The season's disappointment held one hope before the all star break, and that was the hopeful signing of Mark Texieria. Every one knew that the Braves were going to trade him, when they were defiantly out of the playoff running, or they would attempt to resign him. But on July 31, 2007 all hopes of keeping Texieria, were dashed when the Braves traded him, for Casey Kotchman ... Read full post

Baseball Cards

By letsgotwins91
I was dusting off some old baseball cards from the late 90's today. It brings back so many memories. I was looking at a complete set of Topps cars from 1999 and I remembered when I sorted it out. It was me and my dad sitting at the kitchen counter. I was in second grade than. It's such a special set of cards to me. 1999 was the year I first went to a Major League Baseball game. ... Read full post

BBall Updates

By CodyGrilz
Has a game against Meadowview, KS @ Meadowview.
Thursday game against Galena, KS @ Galena.
Current Record- 2-2

Dwight Howard would crush Lebron poser

By torunydukefan
well, im so tired of hearing how lebron is "so dominant" agianst guys half his size. if he were matched up agianst my man dwight howard. lebron wouldn't get a single dunk agianst dwight. dwight is bigger in all catagories and is more muscular than lebron. plus, he is 4-5 inches taller. lebron is a great player, but if he was matched up agianst dwight howard, lebron would not be able to be an inside threat. ... Read full post