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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Clip Reel: Super Bowl Art

For our money, the Super Bowl III program cover is still one of the coolest ever.

What is "Clip Reel?"

Yesterday, we were all set to make a photo gallery of every Super Bowl program cover across the last 42 years. Then we realized: does anyone really want to click through that thing? From the missed opportunities department: The New York Times runs a similar-type piece this morning, which will likely be all the rage. (Here's a slide show of top graphic designers re-doing the Super Bowl XLIII logo.) We wanted to showcase Super Bowl art through the years, too, so we went and put it all on one link.

Here's every one from I through XLIV, the teams for which we don't even know! We like this page because if you click on the logos, it directs you to the Wikipedia entry for that Super Bowl. Heh! The quality of the art on this page seems higher, for some reason. Do you want to make your own SB logo? This is one of the more detailed Super Bowl history links we've ever seen, quite honestly. If you're interested in buying old Super Bowl programs, this guy seems to have most all of 'em. This link will take you to a photo gallery of every single Super Bowl program cover. Awesome. If you prefer videos, this is every Super Bowl logo on one YouTube clip. This video is even more detailed: all the Super Bowls, their logos and their final scores! Here are the first 20 Super Bowl programs as a video. This is a fairly detailed page overall. We like this "Super Bowl cartoon art" link (historical, too!) enough to throw it up here. They're bringing 3D into the mix this year. Make this your work computer's background today.