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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Updated: February 25, 12:19 PM ET
ESPNHS Tuesday: Best of fan blogs 1/27


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cardnals v.s. steelers

Feb. 1st the big game ... SB that is two teams with talent heart and the will to win. Not only that we have two unlikely well one unlikely team thats going to the super bowl. The cardnals are very lucky to be in this being that they wasnt the best choice to be in the SB. But with there heart and willingness to fight is amazing 3 comeback games in a row which makes me wonder maybe the steelers are going to lose. ... Read full post

Current Mock

By Punkonator12
1. Detroit - Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
2. St. Louis -Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss
3. Kansas City - Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest
4. Seattle - Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
5. Cleveland - Rey Maualuga, MLB, USC
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Cowboys Chances Next Season With Wade Phillips!

By Daredevil_34
Ok, Every one thinks that Dallas cant win a Super Bowl With Tony Romo! But if u really think about it, Wade Phillips is really the prob. He is just here for the money!!.
What do you think? Weigh in!


BBall Updates

By CodyGrilz
All games against Riverton, KS and St. Marys (Pittsburg), KS got cancelled due to snow and ice this week Check out CodyGrilz profile

A Dislike for the Big East

By OwLiFiEd.
As a Temple fan, I don't see many reasons to like the Big East. After looking into it, I feel like I've really hit the nail on the head.
Not to single anyone out, but numerous "experts" have 8 or 9 Big East teams potentially in the NCAA Tournament. I personally found this ridiculous, and decided to go into the world of RPI and Strength of Schedule. ... Read full post



By priorfire5
Oh for crying out loud, can some one please tell me why an ace like Sheets is still on the market. Why won't the Braves go after him considering he is better and cheaper than recently acquired Lowe. He close o the nastiest stuff in baseball and for some reason no one is signing him. And if your gonna throw that "its hard times in America right now" then please tell me how Lowe got 60 millions? ... Read full post

A Cheater's Anthem

By coleadbe
Here is a poem I wrote about the Roger Clemens-Brian McNamee saga. This is written from McNamee's point of view. It may seem like I am defending Clemens but I am not. I am just pointing out how disgusting this whole ordeal is by a decency standpoint. Mind you, I am not a poet, so don't be so critical. Here goes nothing. ... Read the poem

Streak for the Cash

I will might reach the five win on the row mark ?

By palmer_08
After had chosen well Marquette yesterday night against Notre Dame and today I pick Purdue which are ranking as No. 17 in Top 25. Purdue hosted Wisconsin on january 11, 65-52.
But tonightn it is an other game and story and this times the game will be play in the Kohl Center, Madison. The Badgers are on a bad streak with four losses of which are against three rankings teams a little as Notre Dame. ) ... Read full post

Streak for Cash

By erickoelling
my picks for jan 27
3 goals or more
arsenal win
duke blue devils
dirk nowitzki (iffy)
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