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Saturday, January 31, 2009
Updated: February 25, 12:21 PM ET
ESPNHS: Best of Super Bowl fan blogs


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Super Bowl predictions

Super Bowl Picks and Predicitons

By b-brown914
The first Sunday in February is nearing, and to some people, it's just any other day. They may get up and go to church, enjoy time with friends, or anything else they would do on a typical Sunday in February. To everyone else, however, this means the greatest spectacle in the world of sports: The Super Bowl. ... Read full post

Superbowl XLIII

By dawgfan6775
My oppionion of this game is that it's going to be a close one. This game won't be very high scoring, but will see some touchdowns from both teams. This game will be one of the greats. Both teams have some advantages. The steelers got the #1 D-fence in the NFl, and got both a good running game and passing game with Big ben and parker, but will Ward play? It's not sure that he'll play in the game though, but I think he will.
... Give us your thoughts on the game

Super Bowl XLIII

By merkle3
featuring the Arizona Cardinals vs the Pittsburgh Steelers
Kurt Warner throws for impressive 300+ yards leading the Cardinals to a 24-17 victory and winning MVP
wait for it this Sunday
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cardnals v.s. steelers

Feb. 1st the big game ... SB that is two teams with talent heart and the will to win. Not only that we have two unlikely well one unlikely team thats going to the super bowl. The cardnals are very lucky to be in this being that they wasnt the best choice to be in the SB. But with there heart and willingness to fight is amazing 3 comeback games in a row which makes me wonder maybe the steelers are going to lose. ... Read full post

Super Bowl

By neilvr95
Well here we are again, the Super Bowl. and The Arizona Cardnials are in it for the first time in their history. I suppose i should hate their guts sence they are in the same divisions as the Seahawks, but I dont. They have been the Hawks punching bag for to long for me to feel anything but sympathe&.for now:) Once the Hawks get good again this could turn to an intense rivalry.
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Who will win the Super Bowl

By mjbgls3
Steelers or Cardinals?
So, who do you think will win?

Superbowl predictions

By Numberoneknicksfan1128
Who do YOU want to win the Superbowl? On this blog, please take the time to tell me who you want to win Superbowl 43. Thanks!
What's your prediction?

Steelers Fans

Go Steelers

By Tooch2263
The rason why the steelers are going to win is that the mascot of the az brurnd a terrable towl. Weigh in with your Super Bowl pick!


By cdenitti
Your turn! Make your prediction.

Cardinals Fans

Go Arizona

By BrandanCaldwell
I dont like the Steelers because im a Browns fan and i hope they loose the super bowl!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOO Cardinals
Who are you rooting for this weekend?

Super Bowl

Danny Majerowicz
By Danny Majerowicz
Steelers and Arizona& well not what I wanted but a good matchup. The Steelers D vs the Cards O. Fitz and Boldin vs Troy. My early Predictions is that the Cards will have their way with their new found Defence and running attack which will help their passing gaming. Cards:38 Steelers: 24

Super Bowl XLIII

By Ho372aP3
Who do you think is going to win the super bowl? Tell me what you think! I'm taking the Arizona Cardinals in an upset!
Weigh in with your pick!