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Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Updated: February 4, 1:40 PM ET
Day 3: Rounds 11-15

The economy is impacting everyone, baseball included. Teams are looking to build more cost-conscious rosters. But how? Is it doable? Are there enough talented, relatively inexpensive players to build a competitive roster for, say, $40 million, which is roughly the payroll the San Diego Padres hope to operate at in 2009?

Well, put four of its experts on the case.

During a recent five-day stretch, "Baseball Tonight's" Steve Phillips, ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney and's Jayson Stark and Rob Neyer drafted their own 25-man rosters.

All this week, we reveal their selections -- and their thoughts on each other's selections. On Monday, Feb. 9, the four teams will begin going head-to-head in seven-game series conducted by, which provides online simulation baseball games, using its Diamond Mind Baseball software. Our ultimate general manager will pit his budget-conscious team against the deep-pocketed New York Yankees in a seven-game series.

On Day 1, Steve and Rob opted to spend, while Buster was tight with his checkbook. Jayson, meanwhile, challenged all comers. On Day 2, there was a rush for pitchers … and Buster spent some of his money. And after a quiet day, the discussion was lively as Steve was reminded of the good old days.