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Thursday, February 5, 2009
Updated: February 6, 1:20 PM ET
BMX Park in the 2012 Olympics?

According to a write-up on Bike Biz, the 2012 Olympics from London, England will apparently be introducing BMX Park into its roster of sports. Well, okay, it's not set in stone just yet, but according to Dave Brailsford, British Cycling's performance director, "It's very strongly rumored that 'park' BMX, or freestyle, will be introduced before the 2012 Olympics."

The reaction? Laughter. Brailsford further goes on to say, "The information I'm getting is I'll be performance director of street BMX so I will have to go and get my hoodie and baggie shorts." I guess Brailsford thinks everyone that might qualify into the park class of the 2012 Olympics dresses like Kevin Smith? Not sure where he's exactly going with that one, but it does allow for me to tie in my love for Silent Bob to the 2012 Olympics and a BMX blog.

I gotta be honest though. Up till a few minutes ago, I hadn't heard anything about this. There have been rumors that if anything from the freestyle side of BMX was going into the Olympics, it would be vert. But the park thing caught me off guard. Though it does make a little more sense since the average age of a vert pro is now 35 years-old. (Add three years to that and you can see where I'm going.)

Maybe the Olympics needs new blood? Maybe the Olympics wants to appeal to the younger tight-panted generations? Maybe we need more people to dress like Kevin Smith in the park class? I guess you can tell, I'm not convinced just yet. It would definitely be interesting to watch if it does come about. Overall though, I'm on the fence about BMX in the Olympics. I mean, it doesn't really make my riding sessions at night any more fun, but it does get the word out about BMX. Got any thoughts you wanna share? Register and comment below. I'm really curious to see what everyone thinks about this. - Brian Tunney

Edit: Mark Sutton of Bike Biz sent over this follow up e-mail as well: "Just read your ESPN post on our story. Just wondered if a link to Carlton Reid's podcast on the event would be of use? That way you can hear exactly what David Brailsford says. The comments about freestyle BMX being in the 2012 Olympics are about 25 mins 45 seconds in."