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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
A-Rod can still turn things around

By Dick Vitale

As a baseball lover, I've been asked about my feelings over the A-Rod situation.

There are many folks familiar with the relationship I have had with him. I've known the All-Star for quite a while.

This is not the young man I first met when he was with the Seattle Mariners. He is a totally different guy. Back then, his love for baseball was so unique and special. He cared about others.

The person I see now has become part of a soap opera ever since he put on a Yankees uniform.

It was so sad to sit there and watch him talk about his use of steroids over a three-year period while with the Texas Rangers. If there was anything I had thought about Alex, he was totally pure. It was about his work ethic, sense of pride and doing things the right way.

I was absolutely devastated to hear the news that he is just like many others, heading for the Hall of Shame instead of the Hall of Fame.

This kid is so talented and worked so hard to put himself into a position of being called the greatest to ever play the game.

There were a lot of words, all sorts of rhetoric, as he sat down with our Peter Gammons, who did a great job in presenting all the possible concepts. I do have to give Alex credit for saying he was stupid and naive, how he made mistakes and now he wants to give back and help others.

Here's what I would advise him to do to show sincerity. ... Let it be more than just rhetoric: