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Friday, February 13, 2009
Jamie Lynn!

After 30 years of slinging stuff for kids to hurt themselves on (while looking damn good doing it), Seattle-based Zumiez continues to grow by taking care of their people. Every year, the mall-shred giant hosts the Zumiez 100K—an event designed to entice the shop kid staffers to sell $100,000 in gear in exchange for a shred trip with an impressive lineup of skate, snow and music icons.

The brolodex at this year's 100K was loaded with folks like Terje Haakonsen, Danny Way, Rick Howard, and Eric Koston, but the "Where the #$%@ Have You Been, Dude?" award goes to the original method man, Jamie Lynn.

Because Lynn basically penned the style guide to snowboarding and transcends the industry, he still maintains a perennial allure. Who else can disappear for years at a time, then pop up and show youngsters how a switch 9 on ice is meant to be stomped?

Jamie's been up in West Seattle painting pretty pictures, making semi-hardcore music with his band Kandi Coded, and throwing his legendary methods up at Baker. Stoked to be at Keystone with the kids who are furthering the shred legacy, Jamie took some runs with us, showing that, despite a bum knee last season, he's still got it.

Now stop your drooling and watch the video.