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Saturday, February 21, 2009
How much more of A-Rod story can fans stomach?


The Alex Rodriguez admission and press conference echoed into every corner of sports this week, looming over the conversations across community.

Fans discussed and parsed his press conference in their blogs, on their walls and in the story conversations.

Fan video: Bike jump
Fan video
DKGeneralLee420 gets a little air.More fan videos

A growing number of people are tired of the topic, and have asked the media to shut up and move onto something else. To them we say, don't worry. There were plenty of other hot sports topics this week including college basketball upsets, crashes and rain at Daytona, the NBA All-Star weekend, the trade deadline, and the NFL tag deadline, combine and draft.

Best blogs
gridvicious' blog: The Bole Boys = Team Chemistry
"I just signed up for an ESPN fantasy baseball League and my team name is the Bole Boys. My intent is to try and draft a team that embraced and used every resource available to become the best they can be.

"Why wouldn't I want the best team chemistry in all the land? The best have the best stats and that is what fantasy baseball has wrought, right? Yes I dig the long ball.

"Want to know who the guy A-Rod and all the rest had in mind when they first felt the sharp needle prick of shame? He wanted me to love him. I am the fan who buys tickets, gear and the rest of the pieces that are the minuscule particles of his contract. I am guilty. He wanted to be the best he could be regardless of means or consequences. We are a perfect match. All I cared about were his stats."

TerryRohan7's blog: It's time to tell the truth, the whole truth
"If a player that is accused of PED use comes forward to tell his side of the story, tell the whole darn story. Don't admit to some use and try to protect your legacy by omitting other usage facts or moral turpitude. The players need to remember, when you dig, you find dirt and that's exactly what investigative journalist do find."

Maccaveili's blog: Careful for what you wish for
"The thing I don't get with the media, is that they crucify guys like Bonds, McGwire, and Clemens for lying. Everyone says, 'just say you did it. That's all we want. Just be honest. Say you made a mistake, you were dumb, whatever. We just don't like being lied to.'

"Well after seeing the reactions to A-Rod, don't expect anyone else to come clean again in our lifetimes."

atundrafan's (non-A-Rod) blog: Taking my ball and going home
"In the end the only hope we had to get out from under that guy's thumb was to get our own ball. I remember the day that someone else also brought a ball, and suddenly he wasn't so mighty."

Tennessee fans
Lured by the Bassmaster Classic and the scent of spring in the air, fishing fans uploaded pictures of their bass and other catches all week.

Around the leagues
NBA fans enjoyed the All-Star weekend. Bulls fans weren't the only ones dreaming of magical roster moves only to be disappointed when the didn't happen before the trade deadline. NFL fans are living in a rags-to-riches tag mock world of their own. Some college fans are upset. Others seem to be missing points. When rain ended the Daytona short of 500 miles, attention turned left coast. Mike Leach's contract situation swept through West Texas. Wind and rain? It must be spring, and A-Rod can't ruin that.

Parting words from the conversation comedians
Are the Braves going to field a major league baseball team or an over-40 slow pitch softball team? -- wvmafia in Glavine, Braves agree on deal

Is it as serious as Pierce's injury last year in the playoffs? -- convo_stud in Garnett injures right knee

They should have offered some sort of a refund to anyone who paid to watch them play last year. -- zagoric in Michigan thanks fans with lower prices

Damon, Nady to order off dollar menu. -- nateuta06 in Damon, Nady have assets frozen

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