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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Updated: February 26, 12:03 PM ET
Ask Billy Anything

Billy Marks is answering your questions on the Toy Machine site, which you may already know about. But, if you don't, go here to ask him anything. Yesterday, I asked him if he would really answer any question and he said, "I'll answer almost any question, but most of the questions are retarded anyway so I just skip those. I gotta keep most of my answers short so I can get through them. And, I won't answer questions like 'What skater sucks the most?' That's a stupid question."

Then, I got a chance to ask him a question that I've been burning to ask since I began here at ESPN. My view of this sort of boo-boo is to be clear about it, put it out in the open and laugh about it, so that everyone knows that we're operating on a different system, with people who actually know about skateboarding (Adam Salo and myself).

I won't answer questions like "What skater sucks the most?" That's a stupid question.

The background is that long ago, before I worked here, someone who didn't know much about skateboarding made a mistake drafting up a rider bio for Billy Marks that, among other things like Billy Marks is known for flipping into rails and he rides for Toy Machine, said Billy Marks is considered to have bad style or something to that effect. People saw it and shirts were made that had the quote on the shirt like, "Billy Marks has bad style—ESPN."

So, I asked him how he found out about it and who made the shirts. This is what he told me, "Yeah, I don't know what happened but whoever wrote that and thought it was cool was a f**king idiot. I think it was just some random lady that worked there. No, I didnt wear a shirt to X Games that said the quote. But, I think Mike Sinclair (one of my team managers) wore one. I know he made them. Ha ha. It said the exact quote from the site. When I read what was on the site I could not believe my eyes. And, after seeing that, it just showed me how much corporate sponsors can suck sometimes."

I got my answer, now go get yours.—Josh Brooks