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Friday, February 27, 2009
Updated: March 2, 4:36 PM ET
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What's Going On

Overrated? Underrated? This years best Darkhorses.

By dawsonmiller20
Who? Who? I can't hear you! Sounds like you think the Nuggets will win this year's Pacific Division. No way! The Portland Trailblazers have been the REAL underdogs this year while they are tied for 4th place. Brandon Roy the Blazers main guy along with Lamarcus Aldridge, Travis Outlaw, Steve Blake, and the center with a chipped knee cap, Greg Oden. Now, the Blazers (35-21) lost to the Rockets last night. How my playoff predictions are going, I feel so stupid for making those predictions early in October!
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By Griffey0511
What up! his is goiung to be about some seriously hardcore Ballas. For example Peyton Manning. He is a beast on the gridiron, and he is hilarious. He probably makes the best commercials ever. Thats all for now. Just wait until next time when I discuss another Baller Ken Griffey Jr. Who do you think is a balla?


Baseball is Finally Back

By CoopRock5
Baseball is finally back and Spring Training Games are underway. My early predictions for the season are the Yankees are winning the AL East and the Rays are winning the Wild Card. The Angels are winning the AL West and the Central is going to be a very close battle, but I think that the White Sox will come ontop.
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Miami Heat

By robishaw25
First D wade should get the mvp because without him they are not in close to get to the postseason. If you take Kobe out of the lakers they are still in the middle of the western conferenc.Finally if you take out Lebron out of the Cavs. They are still in the postseason and the mvp is the most important on the team and D Wade is that
Who do you think should be the NBA MVP?

Portland Trailblazers

By Rogers5qj
This team Portland, has been amazing considering there last years and with Brandon Roy (leading the team in assists, points and steals) and Greg Oden (playing his first year after injuring himself during his rookie season) they are a lethal combo. Currently, they are a #5 seeded team but I wouldn't be surprised if they end up a #3 seed (even though I think Boston in the East will probably win it all) I just hope they can finish the year strong and not become what could have been. How do you think the season will end for Portland?

Creighton Basketball

By jimshorts236
My hometown team is the best in the MVC this year. if they dont get into the big dance, i think they will be the biggest snub. they've won 9 straight as of 2/27 and have on game left to play till the tourney. granted, the missouri valley isn't big, but still.
If Creighton makes the tournament, how far do you think the team will go?

Purdue @ Michigan

By jasonf1010
Not totally sure on this game but interesting stat is that Purdue has not lost on the road when Hummel plays..Purdue is a much better team with Hummel and they have lost 3 games without him.. i Believe Michigan is a good team with many close losses to quality opponents such as Ohio State, Connecticut, and Michigan State. I beleive this will be a good and close game with Purdue coming out on top Which team is better?


Will the Steelers Repeat

By footballfan11355
I don't know about all of you but I think that the Steelers could repeat next year with another Superbowl appearance and possibly a win, making them 7 time superbowl winner out of 8 ... So, what do you think? Will they repeat?


By sab416sab416
Great to see a quality organization experience the success it deserves . The Rooney family has worked hard to continue the tradition of excellence as established by the late great Art Rooney SR. Never a better time than now to be a Steeler fan. It is great to watch other high profile owners struggle with the concept of running an NFL organization. Go Steelers keep up the good work. Have a strong draft that includes both talent and character. Which players should the Steelers draft?

Ray Lewis! Again

By cheeseof4
Its beginning to feel like Ray Lewis has turned his image into that of t.o.'s but i won't take it that far as to the fact that Mr. Lewis doesn't live that far away from me! So here it goes Mr. Lewis has the Ravens on the edge about not signing him, and well if they can't do it by tomorrow well then i guess all hope is lost. Free agency has begun, and if that is not enough incentive for the Ravens to muster up a nice little contract for the big man than not much else can be. I think that losing Lewis would be a fatal mistake for the Ravens seeing that he is only the best player on their defense not to mention their team. Weigh in on Ray Lewis!



By lillehner
Hey im a 13 year old boy that is the best you will ever see ... hey if you like bassfishing send me a message
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Streak for the Cash

Streak for the Cash Picks, February 25

By nerdcube
Back with my blog. Glad to know that it's being read. Here are my picks:
1.) #2 Connecticut Huskies (25-2) @ #10 Marquette Golden Eagles (23-4)
This could be a blowout for UConn, but I'm still picking Marquette (very nervous though). I would suggest not picking this game. The reason I'm thinking Marquette is because they are amazing at home and have a better offense, but if their shooting is off UConn could crush them. I think they shoot pretty well, though, and get the win.
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Streak Basketball Pick #2

By mrpresident2390
With Yesterdays picks I ended up going 5-2 and both loses were crazy.Nebraska blew a 13 point lead to lose at the buzzer and SD St. also blew a 13 point lead going into the second half. But today we have tough games listen to me and you do all right
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