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Monday, March 2, 2009
Updated: March 3, 2:23 PM ET
ESPNHS: Best basketball blogs 2/27-3/1

Editor's note: ESPNHS is a collection of the best blogs and videos from high schoolers across the country. Today features the best basketball blogs from the weekend of February 27 - March 2. Want to get involved? Start blogging and uploading pics and videos today!


Dwayne Wade and Band-Aids?

By chuiypardue
Dwayne Wade and a band-aid? Well yes, its true he loves em' and one game he took a cut to the face, and by rule covered it up with a band-aid. But now he cant wear it anymore, for about four games straight he'd worn it but after the first game it had been healed. (Jesus healed it of course) So why was he still wearing it? A fashion statement!
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Piston Problems

Sports Messiah
By Sports Messiah
The Pistons were on there way to a 6th straight eastern conference finals apperance at the beginning of the season.But, when they traded away arguably there best player for a 12-year player that was there turn around from top spot team to catch up team.
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Why LeBron James deserves MVP.

By sportsbrains139
The 2008-2009 NBA season has had its fair share of outstanding performances so far. But no one has been as consistant as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. They both have had multiple 50+ point games this season but what really seperates King James from Kobe besides 3 rings to none? Is the people they play around. For Kobe you have Gasol,Odom, and a currently injured Andruw Bynum. However James has Williams who is coming out of his shell this year and besides that a group of sub-pars at best.
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Not So "Star"bury

By lvadaman17
Stephon Marbury is going to be on a new team and no longer part of the New York Knicks where he has spent four years of his professional career. Mike D'Antoni, the new coach of the Knicks replacing last years Isiah Thomas, gave Marbury a chance to play but the expressive guard refused and then stated he would never play for the former Suns coach because he didn't trust him. Soon after the dispute Marbury's contract was being negotiated and his time in New York was drawing to a close. The Knicks hoped they could get some value out of him but Marbury was not likely to draw trade interest. Marbury has a contract of $20.8 Million this year and has not played a game this entire season, definately making teams weary of the guard. ... Check out more from Ivadaman17

I HATE KOBE BRYANT(call it hate if you want)

By Yung_product
I dont think kobe bryant is as good as everyone claims he is. Now i mean im not a kobe fan so dont think im trying to hate on this dude game or anything, i just dont think he is REALLY the next best player or even the face of basketball. I mean what about Lebron, D.wade, CP3, Tony Parker, and hell theres a whole lot more that shouldnt be excluded from this accucusation. But this is just my opinion so i mean of coarse There gonna be some people that dont agree with me on this but its just what i think. I do agree that Kobe is a hell of a player and should be reconigzed as one&&.ONE of the best NOT THE BEST. And ima leave it at that&Holla Holla at Yung_product and let him know what you think about Kobe.

NCAA Basketball

cincinnati bearcats chances to get to the ncaa tournament

By korix11
The bearcats defeating the mountaineers moved the bearcats chances up for the ncaa tournament.But also the bearcats have to defeat syracuse and south florida to get a much higher chance to be in the tournament.I say the bearcats win out then they have a better chance in the tournament.The way the bearcats have to beat all those teams is to play consitant basketball and to keep the ball away from the other team and to make sure yancy gates and deaunte vaughn makes their shots and to keep stealing the ball.I think the bearcats will make the tournament cuz i believe in the team.
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Rick Barnes has GOT-TO-GO

By benwile21
Am I the only one tired of seeing Texas basketball come up short? Win a big game or two, turnaround and lose unnecessarily multiple times. The initial head scratching began last year, when UT had a nothing short of dominant lineup. We're talkin' Kevin Durant, DJ Augustin, Damion James and AJ Abrams on the floor at one time. I have searched and searched but found no explanation as to how such a multi-faceted team managed only an 8 seed and a disappointing second round exit in the tourney. ... What do you think? Weigh in?

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