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Saturday, March 7, 2009
Updated: March 11, 4:41 PM ET
Best community fan blogs, videos, photos March 1-7


Conference strengths, RPIs, bad losses and any stat that could influence an NCAA Tournament bid and seed generated thousands of comments this week.

baseball pitcher
Do people still love baseball? A young pitcher reminds us what is great about the game.

Fans also spent hours discussing the NFL draft, NBA postseason posturing, the T.O. trainwreck, A-Rod's hip, the NHL trade deadline and AFC West QBs new and disgruntled.

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Best blogs of the week
camoz71: Why I love baseball
Even with the performance enhancing drugs scandal, I still love baseball. Why? It?s the perfect sport. It's distinctly American with an international flavor. It's the 6-4-3, the 4-6-3, the 5-4-3 and the 3-6-1. It's the 3-2 count, bottom of the ninth, winning run on second base, and two outs. It's the big fly and the strike out.

DTJones2005: Trip of a lifetime
In 2004, during spring break, my father and I decided to fly out to the Cubs spring training in Mesa for an early college graduation gift. In was a bittersweet trip considering a month earlier my grandfather had passed away.

Maccaveili: Diamonds are a man's best friend, too
He can?t resist to just play along when I make that yearly call to let him know how excited I am that all the experts are picking my Pittsburgh Pirates to win it all. It?s become as much of a tradition as the Pirates having a losing season is.

The sad part is that a part of me actually believes they could somehow Marlin their way to a surprise World Series title. Hey what can I say, I take the term die-hard to a new level ? obviously, to remain a fan of an organization that hasn?t had a winning season in about 15 years.

scoop3030: Alternative baseball events
With all this new steroid hoopla going around with the A-Rod admission, I don't know why people still go to see these guys play. Since baseball is the American past time there are plenty of other places to go see an "untainted" baseball game. I, for one, play on an amateur adult summer league. Sure there aren't the 450+ foot home runs or the fancies of today's ballparks, but it's still baseball. It's baseball played by guys who just enjoy baseball.

therealacevenom: Gambling in baseball is worse than steroids
If I had a ballot for the Hall of Fame and the only names I saw on there were Barry Bonds, Pete Rose and Joe Jackson, I would check Barry's name before any of the others. It's not because I have a high opinion of his character or think he is completely innocent of all charges, but it's because PED users are at least trying to win. Gamblers in the sport may actually be trying to lose.

NBAFanzOnly: Jeff Green, prepare for the Predator
Okay, he doesn?t look so much like the alien movie icon anymore, since losing the locks. He?s also been described as a "New-age Scottie Pippen" for his versatility at either end of the floor. The Georgetown junior was renowned for for his ability as a closer, hitting game-winners throughout his career, all the way back to his high school days in Maryland. BHasseman: Banning the A-11?
After reading the article about the banning of the A-11 in high school football, I had to send a letter to the NFHS. I doubt they will respond, but someone needs to make a point and support the little guys.

NASCAR notes
Daytona start line
Hokymn and other fans wrote messages on the start/finish line at Daytona before the 500.

We finally caught up with user hokymn this week. He received free tickets to the Daytona 500 from Camping World after they read a comment he made about the NASCAR truck series in an conversation.

Highlights included watching from high in the stands outside a box while Junior caused the big one on the opposite side of the track.

Leading up to the races, drivers made appearances. While hokymn dismissed the fans who camped overnight to get close to Dale Earnhardt Jar., he was excited to get up close to Carl Edward's.

He noted that the marbles, little black balls of rubber that wears off the tires, were bigger than he expected and crumbled when he picked them up. He said that he was surprised at how steep the banking on the track was when he crossed it, and he picked up some souvenir lug nuts that had been discarded on pit row.

Hokymn had a great weekend and said he'd make the trip again in a heartbeat.

Hokymn's Daytona videos | Daytona photos

NFL mock drafts
Matt Stafford of Georgia was the consensus No. 1 pick among fan bloggers this week.

whitstatman: No. 1 Matthew Stafford
afjumpman23: No. 1 Matthew Stafford
bball4life578: No. 1 Matt Stafford
Stuartgross: No. 1 Matt Stafford
Rush5000: No. 1 Jason Smith
RedSox3146: No. 1 Matthew Stafford
HALOSE7EN666: No. 1 Matthew Stafford
Fred Rice: No. 1 Matthew Stafford

fan video
How do those comments get on TV during Interactive Tuesdays? CommunityEds peels back the curtain. More fan videos

Around the leagues
Fans had plenty of ideas about where T.O. could go, predominantly not to their team. Arizona fans were happy Kurt Warner is returning. Vikings fans were interested in disgruntled Broncos QB Jay Cutler, even if he's not going anywhere. Among the bracketologists, even the Citadel got a little love. Is there really a Shaq-Stan Van Gundy feud? Does the NHL have a fight problem? NCAA playoff? Don't tease the college football faithful. After complaining about the Manny Ramirez on-again, off-again talks, fans were fairly muted when he finally signed.

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