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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
E-Jack is Back

Eric Jackson, frontside five, Whistler backcountry
Filmers, photogs, riders—it's go time for these guys. They're all out working 'round the clock, traveling to where it's prime, waiting it out, and making that magic. Photog Tim Zimmerman was shooting in Whistler last week with Eric Jackson and the Standard crew, and he dropped us a quick update on what's been crackin' in his end of the world, and E-Jack's as-of-late MIA status.

Take that, foot problem.

Professional snowboarding is a lot like being bi-polar.

One second you're sitting in a hotel room updating Facebook and staring at mind-numbing reality TV shows, playing the weather-waiting game. Then the sun expectedly breaks through, the clouds part, mania overtakes you and it's a mad scramble out the door. The excitment of that bluebird, and going out to get 'er done, whatever it takes, on a moment's notice. It's what we live for.

So when you're injured, the down time can feel like an eternity for a rider and the desire to shred can be all consuming.

No mania, no fun.

This has been Eric Jackson for the last couple months: a persistent and mysterious foot injury has kept his shred-hustle livin' at bay.

Back from injury, Eric Jackson is feeling all thumbs up.

But that was then, now's now. After ordering up just about every kind of physical therapy and holistic remedy, E-Jack is back in action. And he's frothing at the bit to deliver a solid follow up to his outstanding part in Standard Film's most current release, Aesthetica.

I spent last week with E-Jack in Whistler, and there we were, playing that game, waiting out a snow storm. Checking the weather radar like a finger-counting OCD victim, waking up well before dawn to see if there were stars in the morning sky instead of pouring rain.

The backcountry surrounding Whistler is endless, and E-Jack couldn't wait to dig in. Every variation of windlip, cliff, kicker zone and line can be found within easy reach of someone skilled at snowmobiling—territory the Jackson brothers have been bred for.

A week of killed time and—finally—it happened. The weather broke, E-Jack's foot cooperated and the snow was no less than perfect. Standard cinematographer and super-loc Travis Robb led us to the goods and Eric delivered, getting his first shots of the year for Standard's forthcoming film, Black Winter.

Things are looking good for the kid.

Whistler backcountry... don't expect to get out here if you don't know how to ride a sled.