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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Moscow Throwdown

The sled loving peoples of Moscow were entreated to all the Heath Frisby standards.
Frisby, Parsons, Sherbine and the SCS/Red Bull Sled Style crew are back stateside, and intact, after their vigorous "Revolution on Machines" tour of Russia. This report, by SCS' Tyler Tobin, is Part III, from Moscow. (Dig earlier installments— Part I: Yekaterinburg, and Part II: Novosibirsk).

"Moscow, Russia. Revolution on Machines. March 7, 2009. Another chapter of the Red Bull/SCS Sled Style program known as Revolution on Machines is nearly complete with our final stop being in Moscow, Russia. Our final event was in conjunction with the LG Snowboard World Championships at Moscow State University. The sheer size of the scaffolding assembled for the snowboard event was truly amazing. It made our landing look very, very small to say the least. Nevertheless, our riders knew what they had to do and, in true Red Bull/SCS fashion, dominated one last time for the Russian fans."

"The event was smaller than our previous events in Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk because we only had a 40 to 50 minute window to put on our show and we were only permitted to use one ramp and one landing. We then decided to structure it more as a demo event rather than a competition mock-up. The snowboard event began at 6:30 pm and it was a big air event with 60 to 70 riders competing. The talent of the field was deep and it was awesome to watch some big air style before our event. The snowboarding definitely got the crowd revved up for what else was in store from us."
Moscow is not exactly your average backdrop for a sledstyle show.
Just a couple of Parsby Tribe riders chilling in a little place called Moscow. (Frisby, left, and Parsons.)

"The introduction of our riders was extremely brief at the beginning of the snowboard event so that the schedule of the entire event could remain normal. They hit the ramp once and just did a basic look-over or sick one-hander. Needless to say, the crowd got excited and when the riders were making their way back to the tent the crowd was already screaming for them... MORE and MORE please! Patience is not something that can be afforded by a crowd of Russians that rarely see Sledstyle in person."

"Once the LG Big Air had concluded it was time for us to go out with a bang and once again leave the crowd in awe. We had a simple two round format that focused on having fun—it was the last time we would be showcasing Sledstyle on Russian soil. Round 1 consisted of each rider hitting the ramp 7 times. Sherbine, Parsons and Frisby threw some amazing tricks in Round 1. Parsons even threw a few flips in the gnarly cross wind!"
The menu in Moscow featured a Joe Parsons backflip, natch.

"Round 2 was the jam session and the crowd went ballistic! Russian spectators know how to stoke out the athletes! They make more noise and show their excitement like no place else in the world. All three riders rode away with the crowd screaming but for their dedication and screams each rider threw out their goggles and gave the crowd face time. It was a great way to finish off the trip of a lifetime in in Russia."

"We all at SCS want to give much thanks to Red Bull for all of their exhaustive efforts in helping us make history. The whole Red Bull crew based out of Moscow was vital for the success of Revolution on Machines. Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk's Red Bull teams were also extremely helpful. Modific made all of our events happen and we cannot thank Gleb and his crew enough for working day and night to assemble equipment. Also, we would like to thank FIS (Federation of International Ski and Snowboard). We were extremely fortunate to be able to work in conjunction with this great event and look forward to continuing to build relationships with these companies because the two events together work really well to keep a crowd pumped up about what is going on!"

"We all have landed back on U.S. soil safe and healthy, (well, besides Markass) and are looking forward to closing out the winter successfully and transitioning toward dirt bike season! This always puts smiles on our faces no matter what we are doing! Keep checking our websites, and for updates in the coming months. Some great things to come! "If you build it, they will come."—Steve Miller."
—Tyler Tobin
Heath Frisby confers with the Moscow announcer ('I don't know karate, but I know crazy.')