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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Updated: April 17, 5:07 PM ET
Back in Wrigleyville...

The Cubs are starting their own restaurant-retail venture on the corner of Clark & Addison where the old Friendly Confines Café was. The facility will be their first attempt at a year-round restaurant/bar and is scheduled to be ready by Opening Day. The people from Haray Caray's (Grant DePorter) will be managing the operation that will a capacity of 491 and feature indoor and outdoor seating. The venture is the forerunner to more retail business at Wrigley Field twelve months out of the year. The Cubs are also talking about a new triangle building to be erected in the old Yum Yum Donuts and Car Wash lot, angling from Clark & Addison to the corner of Waveland Avenue. That building might be part of the total renovation of Wrigley Field in the next five years.

Finally, there will be three concerts at Wrigley this summer, two by Billy Joel and Elton John and one by Rascal Flatts and Willie Nelson, which will net the Cubs $2 million per concert. The Cubs will donate $150,000 per concert to charity.

A new playing surface will be installed at Wrigley Field again this year after the field was virtually destroyed by the Winter Classic hockey game held on New Year's Day. The $500,000 that it will cost to refurbish the grass will be paid by the NHL as part of their agreement to play the game at Wrigley this past winter.