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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Signing Pedro Martinez probably not a good move

Hey, the economy's rough on everybody. Even future Hall of Famers:

A few points here …

One, there's a really, really good reason why nobody's leaping at the chance to offer Pedro a Smoltz-type contract: Smoltz won 14 games in 2007; Pedro has won 17 games in 2006, 2007 and 2008 combined.

Two, there seems to be zero interest from 29 teams and a small amount of interest from one. The Mets are not interested, and you can hardly blame them after flushing $41 million down the toilet over the last three years. Yes, the Mets shouldn't concern themselves with a sunk cost, but that's easy for us to say; they're the ones who had to watch an expensive mistake every day for three years.

Three, it's not at all clear why the Dodgers would have even that small amount of (supposed) interest. Their top four starters are set, and James McDonald is a fine candidate for the fifth slot. If he's not ready -- and he's not pitched well this spring -- there's always Jason Schmidt hanging around, hoping to be healthy for a few weeks in a row. I just wonder if bringing another perpetually sore-armed veteran into the mix is exactly the right move for this club.

If Pedro passes all the physicals and is willing to work for cheap, you might be able to justify signing him. But everything has to be just right.