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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Updated: March 26, 4:39 PM ET
ESPNHS: Best March Madness blogs 3/18-19


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March Madness

Madness Strikes America

By pittsburghfan10
Madness has struck the people of America yet again. This madness is none other than the addictive craze of March Madness, the NCAA's final dance. The NCAA Tournament comes once a year and every college basketball fan anticipates its arrival from the first tip-off of the the first game of the season. This years number one seeds are juggernauts and truly deserve the spots they were given (I will go into detail later). Everyone in America makes multiple brackets, enters into various pools with friends or a work, and lives to see the upsets and blowouts of the tourny. This is a great time in America and is always my favorite part of the spring. Read more and give your take on March Madness!

March Madness Buys

GCS Infuego
By GCS Infuego
For my blog, I decided to write about the buys of the tournament. These are the teams that not many people know about that have a chance at an upset. Here they are.
See which teams GCS Infuego thinks have a change to upset!

NCAA Tournament

By frozenbeck99
If you ask me, I think the two teams that did not deserve a number one seed were UNC and UCONN. UNC has lost to Maryland and they don't have Ty Lawson so I don't think they will make it past the second round. They do have Tyler Hansbrough but he will probably be doubled teamed in the tournament. The same goes for UCONN. Hasheem Thabeet will be double teamed and he gets a lot of fouls too. He will be in foul trouble for most of the tournament.I would like to see a Duke- UNC Final though. Read more ... and weigh in on a Duke-UNC final.

NCAA Tourney

By rwalshjr150
Watch out for Michigan in the tourney, Coach Beline makes great runs when he caoaches in the tournament. Also Syracuse is out for revenge on Louisville and they can also make a run. How do you think Michigan will do in the tourney?

Your teams

Tennessee Deserves better than a 9 seed

By LeahewJustin
What is up with the university of Tennessee getting a 9 seed in the tournament. They made it to the SEC championship where they lost by three. They had the number one toughest schudule in the country. Playing out of conference teams such as Gonzaga, Kansas, and Memphis. In my book thats good enough for atleast a 5 seed. And im tired of teams like North Carolina getting number one seeds every year when they play nobody good outside of the ACC. ... Read full post!

About the Sun Devils

By OwLiFiEd.
As tournament time approaches, The Owls' Nest will keep you up-to-date with the latest in TU's matchups.
We've teamed up with Justin, the editor of to get a little more information on what ASU is all about. Take a look:
Q: As you know, it's been a while since we've seen the Sun Devils appear in the NCAA Tournament. What does this team bring to the table? Read the interview ...

Louisville the best team in college basketball

By dirtydave998
Louisville is the best team in college basketball. They have the best defense and take good shots. Their ball movement is fantastic and they don't shoot stupid shots. Their press disrupts any offense and forces many turnovers. Louisville is going to win the tournament!!! Which team do you think is the best in college basketball?

Overated Memphis

By Cpt.Foley24
Can people actually expect Memphis to get past either Maryland or Mizz? Conference USA isnt much of a challenge.
What do you think? Weigh in!


By Baseballanderson
Why are people hating Uconn? Thats the question I've been asking. I mean they've been inconsisitent (losing to Pitt twice) but in the end they've been #1 in the country for the most part. They're #1 in the east does that count for anything? Seriously even President Obama doesn't think they'll make it to the Final Four.
What do you think of Connecticut? Read full post and weigh in!

My pic for NCAA champ.

By Phillem
Its going to be Wake Forest, And you know it TIE-DIE NATION
Talk with Phillem about Wake Forest.

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