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Friday, March 20, 2009
Updated: March 21, 8:13 PM ET
Bradley is getting interest from the Ivy League

By Mike Loveday

Edmondson head football coach Dante Jones is learning that with playoff success comes college recruiting attention.

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Defensive lineman David Mackall committed to the University of Maryland last season, and junior Jerry Lovelocke is starting to gain major-college interest. Another athlete who could be next on the market is Samuel Bradley.

The 6-foot-2, 255-pound junior played mostly offensive tackle last season but also saw time at tight end.

Jones said Bradley will likely move to tight end for his senior season, which should add more depth and solidify the offensive line.

"He can catch the ball, but he has the ability to block. He's not a tight end where we will have to double-team anybody," Jones said. "That helps us out more because now we have a great blocker that can receive the ball. That's a mismatch that we will definitely look into using this year."

Bradley maintains a 3.7 grade point average and, according to Jones, is receiving interest mostly from the Ivy League.

The University of Pennsylvania and Princeton are expressing the most interest, but Jones added that Pac-10 school Stanford has been making more inquiries in the last few weeks.

Bradley is expected to attend several one-day college camps, including Pittsburgh, Boston College and Georgia, during the spring.

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