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Saturday, March 21, 2009
Updated: March 23, 6:51 PM ET
Danny Kass 5-Peat!

Danny Kass now has five wins at the US Open, more than any rider in the event's 27 year history.
At the US Open, its legacy, history, pride, however you frame it, it's always been about the pipe. Long before the days of slope, before big air and now QP, it's always been pipe, pipe, pipe. To win here is to solidify your place in the annals of U-Tube ridin'. Danny Kass did just that today, and not for his first time, but for—drum roll, please—a record busting fifth time. All together now: Damn, son.

Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani were both out with injuries, but still held it down for the Frends crew.

Kass, who has been fighting injury all season, has been back on the snow for only three weeks since recovery. "I've really just started riding again, so I'm so fired up to come out here and do so well," said the Grenade Prez and Jersey native. And to expect he'd come here and grab the big win, well, he certainly wasn't holding himself to pull it. "You know, I really just wanted to make finals and get some good runs in there, but everything just sort of started to click." So he figured he'd just go for it. He did, and he won, making history with a record-setting five US Open pipe wins.

The $20,000 run breaks down like so: Frontside 1080 tailgrab, cab 1080 nose grab, frontside 900 melon, backside 720 mute, to a switch alley-oop indy grab.

Torah Bright has now won the US Open three times: 2006, 2008, and 2009.

How'd he do it? Kass claims his Gnu Banana Magne-Traction helped him hold that edge up the walls that had become sun-baked and sloppy. And then added "Just do it, you gotta just do it." Ahem. Sponsorship plug alert.

Torah Bright, with a technical game that goes unmatched, took the women's pipe division. With a back injury from the previous day in practice, Bright had not planned on competing today, but took a few runs in the a.m. and felt confident enough to give it a go. She's stoked she did, lacing together her run of Cab 720, Crippler, backside 360, switch backside 720, backside 540. Boom goes the dynamite.

Other Notes:

•Louie Vito placed eighth. He got robbed. Should have made the podium, had the amplitude, had the bag of tricks, played it out consistently. Not sure how he landed this far back. Apparently there's a new judging camera to view how long each grab is held. But Louie looked good today. No big whoop, though, tonight it's his 21st birthday. Big party. I'm sure he's forgotten all about it by now.

•Luke Mitrani's switch double backflip. It's like, whoa.

•Elena Hight went down early in the finals. Had to be taken down in the stretcher. Looks like it could have been her left knee, but no official word. This girl seriously never crashes. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

US Open, Pipe Results:


1. Danny Kass
2. Peetu Piiroinen
3. Luke Mitrani
4. Charles Reid
5. Steve Fisher
6. Antti Autti
7. Elijah Teter
8. Louie Vito
9. Markus Malin
10. Justin Lamoureux


1. Torah Bright
2. Kelly Clark
3. Ellery Hollingsworth
4. Kjersti Buass
5. Gretchen Bleiler
6. Elizabeth Beerman
7. Kaitlyn Farrington
8. Elena Hight