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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Tampa Snackshop

This is the snackshop and that guy on the left my friend George, the TM of Adidas. He did some good TMing this weekend. Results: Eldridge 10th, Busenitz 8th. Noice.
This is the snackshop at Tampa. It's amazing. Apparently, they just re-did it, so it's really fancy looking with a pool table and flat screen. If you've never been (this was my first time), you may find the whole Tampa thing surprisingly large. It's massive and it takes a lot of people to run.

The great thing about a blog is that it's really organic. It may not be of major importance to you, but if you enjoyed the event this year, whether you were physically there or not, credit must be given to all the people who put it on.

I can't remember who was Jack and who was Jeff, but one's super stoked and the other's not as stoked.

So, to thank them all (and pay them back for getting me a Snickers as I was sitting there working), I wanted to get Jack and Jeff their 15 minutes of pseudo fame for their hard work in the snackshop and thank everyone from Tampa collectively for putting all this on, from the top coordinators Ryan Clements, Brian Schaefer, Vern Laird and Rob Meronek to every person cooking burgers, sweeping floors and serving beers, like these dudes. Thanks.—Josh Brooks