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Monday, March 30, 2009
ESPNHS: Blogger of the Week 3/22-28


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Baseballanderson is the ESPNHS Blogger of the Week for March 22- March 28, and here are his top blogs.

NFL blog

Peppers To Pats?

By Baseballanderson -- Posted March 23
There have been a lot of rumors about the Patriots aquiring Julius Peppers. But is it really going to happen? According to ESPN's John Clayton there have been no talks between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers about sending Peppers to the Pats. Now if this deal does go through every other offense in the league should be woried. Adding Peppers into an already stacked defense would make the Patriots have one of the strongest defenses in the NFL. Adding Peppers to a mix of talent like Richard Seymour, Ty Warren, Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo and Tedy Bruschi would be a deadly combination. Read more!

Baseball blogs

Japan Repeat Champs!

By Baseballanderson -- Posted March 24
"It wasn't easy. But it sure was entertaining. Ichiro's two-run single in the 10th inning lifted Japan to its second straight WBC title Monday night after Korea forced extra innings with two outs in the ninth"
Japan won their second straight WBC championship beating North Korea 5-3 off the bat of who else but Ichiro. On his fourth hit he singled driving in two in the top of the tenth. Japan now is the best baseball nation in the world. The game was a big rivalry like a Red Sox Yankees. North Korea was out hit, outfielded, outpitched and outplayed. Japan had 15 hits while Korea had a mere 5. It's as exciting as it gets in Japan right now.
Talk with Baseballanderson about the WBC.

U.S. Out

By Baseballanderson -- Posted March 24
The U.S. is out of the World Baseball Classic. They were defeated by Japan in the semis 9-4. The U.S. said they really wanted to win it all but why would you put Davey Johnson as manager? Why not Terry Francona Or Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa. Why him? It Doesn't add up. The U.S. is getting a bad reputation for baseball because they can't win the WBC. People say they have the best players, but why can't they win? The U.S. Has Derek Jeter, Evan Longoria, MVP Dustin Pedroia. I guess that Dice-K overpowered them. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. ... Read full post

Bye-Bye Schill

By Baseballanderson -- Posted March 25
Curt Schilling announced his retirement in his blog on His 19 year career has officially ended. Curt Schilling has left a legacy in Arizona and Boston. He is a two time world series champ, and 2001 world series co-MVP (with Randy Johnson. And who could forget in the 2004 ALCS the bloody sock? For me that was one of the greatest games to watch. I remember Joe Buck saying "It has now bled into the shape of Ohio". The sock's new home is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Schilling had a total of 216 wins (three 20 win seasons) 3261 total innings pitched and 3116 strikeouts. These are numbers that define his time in the MLB. But are they worthy of the Hall of Fame? Time will tell. Nonetheless Curt Schilling had an amazing career and will live on in the history books forever.
Do you think Curt Schilling will be in the Hall of Fame?

NBA blogs

Are The Suns Playoff Bound?

By Baseballanderson -- Posted March 25
Will Phoenix make the playoffs? Thats a big topic up for debate. The Suns have had a good year and are currently sitting in 9th place in the Western Conference. They're three games back from Dallas with 12 games left in the season. The Suns have two future hall of famers in Steve Nash and of course Shaquille O'Neal. But losing stoudemire is going to hurt them not having his playmaking skills on the court. Shaq has improved over the course of the seaon by having a career high in free-throws (amazingly). Matt Barnes and Grant Hill are two solid players who will help the Suns win the games they need to win. As well as Jason Richardson and Leandro Barbosa add a veteran presence to the court. Whatever happens the Suns have had a great year and they are deserving of the playoffs.
Talk with Baseballanderson about how far will the Suns go in the NBA Playoffs?

Who Is The NBA's Best Player?

By Baseballanderson -- Posted March 26
There have been a lot of talks about the best in the NBA. But who really is? In my mind there are only two. Lebron and Kobe. There are still plenty of others who could emerge to the top. Guys like Chris Paul, Micheal Beasley, Dwight Howard and other young players like that. (Overall career wise Shaq currently in the NBA has had the best career). What makes Lebron so special is his athleticism and his ability to be an all-around player. Lebron also isn't on the strongest team (besides him). But he is still able to lead them to the #1 seed in the East. Because who does he have that will help Varajao (or whatever his name is) is a good defensive player who is a good help as well as Ben Gordon. Now to Kobe. His career has been to say the least controversial. ... Keep reading and then weigh in on your favorite NBA player.

The Return Of Agent Zero

By Baseballanderson -- Posted March 28
Agent Zero made his season debut last night against the Pistons. Arenas had missed the entire season so far because of knee injuries. He went through 3 surgeries. The out come of his first game back wasn't what Washington was looking for as they came up short losing 98-96. They had a chance to come back by a block on Arenas picked up by Butler but it just missed. ...Read more!

March Madness blog

Memphis Out

By Baseballanderson -- Posted March 27
Last night Memphis suffered a terrible loss to Mizzou 102-91, This doesn't come as a big surprise to me. Memphis is a great team but I thought they were weak in a lot of areas that Mizzou is stronger in. Memphis suffered a heart breaking loss last year in the Finals to Kansas off a Mario Chalmers buzzer-beater 3. This loss i don't neccessarily count as an upset because it was a 2-3 game but Memphis was heavily favored over Mizzou. What really helped Mizzou was J.T. Tiller who scored 23 points. Not only did Memphis lose but a 27 game win streak came to an end. This win is good for Mizzou because it makes it easier for them to go to the Final Four in Detroit. the only thing standing in their way is Uconn who has been explosive in the tournament so far. Will Mizzou go to their first Final Four? We'll find out.
What did you think of the game? Talk with Baseballanderson about his blog!

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