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Thursday, April 2, 2009
Updated: April 3, 10:34 AM ET
Bloggers: New stadium, new Yankees, old story


The Yankees will christen their new stadium with a World Series title if fan bloggers' 2009 predictions hold true.

hoops team
After Opening Day, there weren't many high points in Seattle last season. Upload your baseball pictures to your profile gallery and track the games you've attended in the Sports Passport.

New York led all teams with 12 pennant predictions and nine World Series titles. AL East rival Red Sox were next with eight pennants and two World Series wins. The Twins (two pennants, two rings), Royals (one pennant, one ring, although it was a joking post), Rays (one pennant), Rangers (one pennant) and the White Sox (one pennant) were the other championship teams.

In the AL East, the Orioles were the only team without a playoff appearance.

The Twins were the favorite playoff team from the AL Central followed by the Tigers and then the Indians.

Not surprisingly, the Angels led the AL West in playoff appearaces. Surprisingly, two fans picked the Mariners to win the division.

The notes below are just enough to get you out of the batter's box. We've listed how many bloggers picked the team to win the wild card, division, pennant and World Series. Follow the links to cheer your favorite posts, argue with the calls made in the blogs and to touch all the bases in the American League.

AL East
Baltimore Orioles
Unless you've been in a coma for the last 9 months, it's clear that Matt Wieters is ready to be the Orioles' No. 1 catcher. -- DaQuadfatha
Boston Red Sox: Wild card 8 | Division 10 | Pennant 8 | World Series 2
The Sox have made good additions to their pitching staff by adding future Hall Of Famer John Smoltz as well as Brad Penny. -- Baseballanderson
New York Yankees: Wild card 6 | Division 16 | Pennant 12 | World Series 9
The Yankees now have the best first baseman in the American League in Mark Teixeira. A major upgrade from Jason Giambi last year. -- coleadbe
Tampa Bay Rays: Wild card 4 | Division 5 | Pennant 1
Burell could be a big difference-maker on this team with his power. -- andymilligan3
Toronto Blue Jays: Wild card 1
Coming out of Maryland, LHP Brett Cecil is on the fast track to the majors. -- DaQuadfatha

AL Central
Chicago White Sox: Division 3 | Pennant 1
Rays get the better of the Southsiders yet again. Although the Cuban imports from Chicago will have a breakthrough. -- donkingruinedboxing
Cleveland Indians: Division 7
Straight up, best team in the division. -- IndiansInOctober
Detroit Tigers: Division 8
Tigers (77-85) They still have the same exact problems this year that they did last year, and until they improve that rotation and middle relief they will continue to get blasted.
-- KAS09K
Kansas City Royals: Wild card 1 | Division 1 | Pennant 1 | World Series 1 With Greinke and Meche you have two starters who can win 15+ games apiece. -- andymilligan3
Minnesota Twins: Division 10 | Pennant 2 | World Series 2
AL Manager of the Year: Ron Gardenhire, finally. -- LestersLegends

AL West
Los Angeles Angels: Wild card 4 | Division 16
The Angels just feel like an old team that needs some change. The loss of Teixeira was big. -- RashedMian
Oakland A's: Wild card 1 | Division 7
AL West: First Athletics, second Angels, third Rangers, last Mariners. -- jdisawe
Seattle Mariners: Division 2
I'll go with an upset special and pick the Mariners to bounce back. -- Ramsfan920
Texas Rangers: Division 3 | Pennant 1
89-73, second place. Angels will still win, but not by as much as they have recently.
-- Romamilton

Bloggers who picked every division
LestersLegends | bravesgirl85 | proachinf | zcaldiman | Ramsfan920 | 1978jeremy | goliathxr | jdisawe | Chris72970 | Romamilton | bigsean1698 | anthonyc218 | atlgt05 | donkingruinedboxing | eherauf | nbacity13 | KAS09K | Vicious_Vilma_51 | phyhtheaux | Numberoneknicksfan1128 | numberoneyanksfan13 | probob38 | natsdude4

Bloggers who gave out awards
LestersLegends | proachinf | zcaldiman | Ramsfan920 | Romamilton | atlgt05 | eherauf | Vicious_Vilma_51

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