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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
America's Longest Pastime

Chicago Fire vs. Houston Dynamo
I know we don't live in a perfect world. I know all of my wishes can't be answered by a blue genie that comes out of a magical lamp voiced by Robin Williams. I understand the rules of wishing, no asking to fall in love, no bringing back anyone from the dead, and I can't wish to have anybody killed, but I can dream, and in my dream these would be my three sports wishes.

1. I wish to have a shorter preseason in football. Football is by far my favorite sport and the fact that I have to sit through four preseason games is agonizing. I wish that we would cut the preseason in half and add two games to the regular season. I know the NFL is already thinking about doing this and it would be great. The owners and players would prosper financially and the fans would win by getting to see two more meaningful games. Fantasy football would be extended two weeks, and that means two more weeks of tinkering with lineups and trying to win confidence pools. I know some purists would argue that the records would be tainted and that players would be more susceptible to injury. Well, deal with it. They added two games at the end of the 1977 season and there is no reason it can't be done now.

2. I wish baseball season were shorter. Don't get me wrong, I love baseball. I love going to games and watching them on TV. However, I shouldn't be watching opening day of the Cubs and Sox while wearing my Christmas sweater, and I don't even celebrate Christmas! I say we shorten the season to 100 games. There is no reason that games should be canceled due to snow in April and October. If the World Series extends to 7 games this year they will be playing baseball in November. November! I know this will never happen due to revenue and all of you baseball purists who will cry over your cherished numbers being tainted by a shorter schedule, but like I said to the football traditionalists, deal with it. Baseball is a summer sport and should be played from May until the end of September and that's it.

3. I wish that more people in America enjoyed soccer. This wish might be like trying to bring back someone from the dead but I'm sure I can work something out with my genie. Soccer is by far one of the most popular sports worldwide and there is no reason that it can't be popular here. People say that the MLS is a poor quality of game and that's true but America is supposed to be the melting pot of all cultures and nationalities. There is no reason why you can't latch onto a team outside of the US and follow them. We live in the age of technology and there are many ways you can follow any team. We all played soccer when we were kids at some time, there is a reason they are called soccer moms. If more people liked soccer it would force the MLS to start spending money on foreign players like they tried to do with David Beckham. Soccer is a great sport and should be enjoyed by all.

I know that only one of my wishes may come true, but a guy can dream.