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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
ESPNHS Tuesday: Best blogs 4/28


Editor's note: ESPNHS is a collection of the best blogs and videos from high schoolers across the country. Want to get involved? Start blogging and uploading videos today!


Bulls vs Celtics Game 6 Refs

By Chitownfan8509
The refs in game 6 of the Bulls and Celtics game were just plain awful. They missed several calls for both teams and called some very touchy fouls on both teams.
This didn't just happen once or twice to each team but it happened throughout the whole game. The refs need to realize that it is the playoffs and their calls matter twice as much as they do during the regular season.
Check out the full blog post and talk about the Bulls/Celtics series with Chitownfan8509!


A Look Back at the Bear's Draft

By chibears1223
I was very impressed by the Bears' draft. Seeing as Mel Kiper was too, I'm not stupid! I think it was smart of Jerry Angelo to trade the second round pick. There was no real good player there who was good enough for that pick. I just found out that DL Gilbert, who we stole in the 3rd round, was the guy who jumped out of the pool. That is so cool!! Anyone who can do that deserves to be on the Bears' team. I'm so glad we got Iglesius! I was sitting in my room and when I saw he was still on the board, I was hoping the Bears would pick him up. Some people are skeptical about him, but I think it's a new weapon that Jay Cutler can use. Overall I was very pleased with the Bears' picks. Bears' fans: I would love to read your feedback. Comment or message me!! What did you think of the Bears' draft picks?

Will He Make A Return?

By Baseballanderson
Vick has about 60 days left in his prison sentence but will he return to the NFL? He is going to work out with a QB coach to strengthen his arm and getting back in condition. As you may know Vick was arrested about 2 years ago for capturing and training dogs to fight to the death. Tony Dungy will meet with Vick face to face. His future in the NFL isn't certain yet but a lot of sports writers say he will return this season but not for a big 5 year 45 million dollar contract and that it would be a smaller contract maybe 1 year 700,000 dollars with an escape clause that if he does anything illegal he has to return a large portion of it. Now I don't think he will go back to start for the Falcons because he is still their property. But that got me thinking if they traded him what team would want to or needs him?
What do you think? Will Michael Vick play in the NFL again?

Meet harold montgomery

harold life

harold montgomery
By harold montgomery
i like to play basketball the pistons are my favorite team i be goin to the games
Talk with harold about the Pistons!

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