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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Updated: June 14, 7:14 PM ET
Craig Beaulieu Throws Self on Grenade, Wins Big

Craig Beaulieu kept his composure against an A-list field of riders to win the Grenade Games Grand Finale.
Last weekend, Whistler loc Craig Beaulieu (pronounced "Bowl-U") held his own against a heavy international field in the Grenade Games Grand Finale. The 23-year-old winner of $10,001 was at work when we called after the event—he does maintenance for Big Sky golf course in Pemberton, BC—so we hit him up on e-mail to see what it takes to beat the big boys when a world-class contest comes to your own backyard.

Beaulieu, snowboarder first, male model second.

Were you impressed by the set-up the Grenade guys came up with for the Monster Air/Grande Finale?

I liked it because it wasn't just a regular contest with a couple jumps and the regular rails... The designer of the course did very well because you can cross-court with the runs if you wanted, which opened up a lot of different runs!

When you entered the Grand Finale did you think you had what it takes to beat guys like Danny Kass and Iikka B? Are you pretty used to competing at this level?

Spin it, win it.

You know what? It was very intimidating, but I just knew I needed to keep my composure, and take deep breaths to actually take home the 10 jeenos!

If you had one top-to-bottom run in the jam that you think won it for you, can you remember what tricks you did on what features?

[A] 450 off the bomb drop; shifty up the step-up; then a front 7 tail down; inward back 270 to the down of the kink; butter switch back 5 the baby jump; to Miller-flip on the quarter probably was my best.

Mellow... What's the single coolest thing you saw go down at the grand finale—besides being handed a check for $10,001.00?

Andrew Burns's double backflip, by far!

Overall, what would you say that the week-long Grenade Games showed the world?

Craig Beaulieu, a happy man, a wooden trophy.

I think it showed the world that having fun is the most important part about snowboarding.


Clyde Snowboards, Billabong, Von Zipper, Herd headwear, Mayday facewear, Beaver wax, Metal Mulisha, Cocaine energy drinks.

Anything else you want to add?

R.I.P Sam Fitzpatrick—you helped me win, bro!