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Thursday, May 7, 2009
ATT trainer bemoans boxing's decline

ProMMA has a rather melancholy interview with American Top Team stand-up trainer Howard Davis Jr. bemoaning the lack of interest in boxing among youths.

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"I would love to see more kids in the boxing gyms like I see little kids at American Top Team," Davis told the site. "Hopefully, boxing promoters will do something to showcase more talent and create competitive fights on all levels like it used to be."

Boxing dug its own grave as pointless fights, rampant egos and outright greed overtook the sport, but that has little to do with the reason why more kids might be turning to MMA as an athletic pursuit. Training grappling is far more palatable to (educated) parents who don't want to see Little Johnny get his nose punched in at a Golden Gloves tournament; the UFC's rise has also drawn more attention to wrestling rooms across the country, which are essentially school-subsidized base camps for anyone interested in MMA. Boxing has no academic equivalent.

School programs, the diminished possibility of injury and MMA's promise of more money for midcard talent portends a poor long-term prognosis for boxing's health. Davis is right to be morose.