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Monday, May 11, 2009
Sandbox Teaser: Shine On

The Sandbox teaser for "Shine On" has been lurking on the web for a minute now, but here it is if you missed it or need a reminder of how good it's crackin' to be. Kevin Sansalone and Clayton Larsen are looking to bring the B.C. heat once again for their fifth full-length release, set to drop September 2009.

If you're like "Dude, I've totally already seen this," then you probably already know about this Cheese Dick teaser with Jed Anderson, Nick Dirks, LNP and crew.

But maybe you haven't caught the final episode of Snowboard Realms yet? That's right, season two is done. Sniff.

Dry a tear, there's still plenty of realms to visit, like Tim Peare capturing the Forum team in good form: Eddie Wall is not on vacation and Jake Welch cannot get off the phone with his girlfriend.

Or how about "Notes," the 08-09 release by Factor Films in all its full-length glory, that'd be nice, right? Well, get it here.

And since the Internet likes free stuff, we can't wait to just Get In The Van and go snowboarding. Coming Fall 2009.

But first, this public service announcement.