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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
ESPNHS Tuesday: Best blogs 5/12


Editor's note: ESPNHS is a collection of the best blogs and videos from high schoolers across the country. Want to get involved with ESPNHS? Start blogging and uploading videos today!


Battle for First!

By gamegirl21
The Sunkist League for softball is full of surprises, you never know what is going to happen. Last year Bloomington High School was tied for first with Kaiser High School, but the last game of the season ended badly for the Bloomington Bruins when they lost to Patriot and ended up in second. But this year everything has changed and anything can happen in this last week of league play. Before last week Bloomington was in third with a record of 7-3 in league and the other two teams Patriot and Summit tied for first with both having record of 9-2. It seemed as though it was impossible for the Bruins to win league, but now there is a chance! ... read more and see how the Bruins can win the league.



By marlinssoxfan
y cheat, there is no point in cheating, ur getting paid millions of dollars when that money could be goin somewhere else instead of ur bank account. y cheat, ur out there to have fun and enjoy the experience, y cheat to get attention, y cheat, thats the question
Why do you think athletes cheat? Weigh in!

NBA playoffs

Denver Mavs Series

By t_baller182
Game 4, back in Denver is going to be the final game in my opinion because in NBA history no team has ever come back from a 3-1 series& So, Rockets or Lakers.. If Denver goes up against Kobe and his talented squad were going to have one heck of a time guarding Mr. "Black Mamba" and if we go up against the Rockets I think were going to win that series cuz Yao is incapacitated but we still have to work on Artest and Battie& All in all Denver is a fresh new talented Playoff team that i think is ready for a championship!
Do you think the Mavs can come back or will the Nuggets win the series?


Manny just being Manny

By cenafan007
Surprised? Manny is just being Manny? No I'm not surprised. It's called karma. I loved Manny when he was with the Sox, but when he just decided to give up on his team to run away with Hollywood on the horizon I was disgusted, and I think he got what he deserved. I said before that I thought that this "steroid" era was over. I still think it's coming to an end, however and I hope to God that this "Manny being Manny" era is over.
What do you think of the suspension? Talk with cenafan007.


Fantasy History

FFB-RoRap X-Effect 5th place
FBB-RoRap X-Effect 4th place
What's your fantasy history?

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