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Friday, May 15, 2009
Get Creepy With Kyle

Angel's everywhere. Daryl—handicap kickflip.
Some people live a pretty charmed existence. Creepy Kyle Camarillo grew up in Menlo Park and started skating in 6th grade when he was twelve. Two years later, he was filming—the only kid who's dad let him use the HI8—and met new friends Joe Brook , Anthony Claravall and Dave Metty at skate camp. After the first year, Dave, the camp director, agreed to make Kyle the video intern. His job was to film the campers and visiting pros he grew up admiring, like Salman Agah , Justin Strubing , Al Peterson , Wade Speyer , etc. As the first in that position, he was part of the evolution of the video/photo side of the camp, which got his foot in the door at 411. After that, he began working at Skateworks and tagged along with Joe Brook.

He began filming Skateworks riders and people Joe knew, then Tiltmoders , Venture, Lucky and Think guys. From there, he went on trips and eventually made iThink. He later took over at Enjoi.

When Matt Eversole asked him to work on their video. It was his job to wrap up the video that they never knew they were making. He compiled footage and pushed them to finish it, which, according to Kyle took about a year. Enjoi's Bag of Suck took almost two months straight of editing with almost no breaks. Eventually, it became the hilarious/awesome masterpiece that is Bag of Suck. He did the initial work on Tiltmode 3, but he parted ways as Enjoi's full-time filmer. He still films, but he decided to try his hand at photography, rekindling the interest from seventh grade, after 2007 on an Enjoi trip to Europe. His first shot to get in a mag was a picture of Jason Adams and it's gone from there, which is where this gallery of some of skating's most notable skaters originated. Enjoy Kyle Camarillo's Gallery then check his website daily.