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Friday, May 15, 2009
Updated: May 19, 12:53 PM ET
Jabberjawin' With Gilbert Crockett

Like his Dreamspot, but dreamier because there's no water underneath it. Crockett, gap to front tail.
Gilbert Crockett is like Chincoteague, Virginia's Pony Swim. What I mean to say is, when you think you knew a lot about your country, in this case, the US, you're suprised by the fact that there's an event being held in Virginia that seems like it should be a tourist attraction somewhere in Mongolia. You forget unique events like this take place in this country. So, I say Gilbert's like that Pony Swim because, in skating, he's a reminder that there are growing scenes in the South that are producing great skaters from the kind of tight-knit crews the uninitiated might only associate with places in California or with cities like Denver, Phoenix, New York, Boston, Philly or Miami.

But, like they say, "Every hitch has got a trailer to hitch to it," and, with four amazing video parts in the past few years, skating's definitely what Crockett was made to do—hey, did that quote up there sound Southern? I just made it up. I wanted it to sound like one of those wise Southern expressions, like "A whistling woman and a crowing hen never comes to a very good end." Do you think it worked? No? Okay. Crawdads! How about that one?

What was the significance of the mule in the Black and White part ?
Um, it didn't really have any significance. It was kind of like, everyone had a car to ride in on and get out of and I just...didn't have a car, so I thought it'd be funny if we got a horse. But, I ended up getting a donkey. I was gonna ride it in, but the owner wouldn't let us ride him.

That's funny. I was wondering about that, because that's usually a sign that you're hard to motivate or something.
[Laughs] Yeah, yeah.

I was gonna say, you've had four full length video parts in the last three years, so you don't seem like a mule to me. [Crockett's parts: Whathadhappenedwuz , Mystery's Black and White , Fallen's Ride the Sky , Tomboman...go buy them if you haven't) [Laughs] So, it wasn't a reference to Virginia?
Yeah, I mean, it kind of was, because I'm from Virginia and I never had a car anyway and I lived in the middle of nowhere for a while when I was a younger, so that's pretty much it.

I thought it might be a reference to the Chinco...the Chincotag...the Chincoteague Annual Pony Swim.
No. What is that?

It's something in Virginia. I was looking it up. I guess people on this island called Chinc-o-teague [Ed: I had no idea how to say the name of the island]...
Chincatink? [Ed: This apparently is how Chincoteague is pronounced in Virginia]. Yeah, yeah, I think I've been there actually.

Really? Well, apparently, they have a round up of the wild ponies that live all around the island and make them swim across a channel. Then they auction them off or something like that.
Woah, I have no idea about that. That sounds sick.

Last thing I read said you do a pretty sweet worm .
[Laughs] Oh yeah, the worm?

How's your Virginia Reel? You ever have to learn that in school?
No. I just picked it up.

You're talking about the worm. I mean, did you have to learn the Virginia Reel in school?
The Virginia Reel?

Apparently, it's your state dance.
No, I never learned it. That's the state dance? I guess so. Dude, you found some crazy s**t [Laughs].

I didn't know anything about Virginia, so I had to see what it was all about. I was gonna see if you've ever wooed a girl with the Virginia Reel, but you don't know it, so...
Yeah, if I knew what it was, maybe I could have [Laughs].

So, why'd your Dreamspot have water?
Um, it wasn't really my idea. We were just drawing out Dreamspots and trying to figure something out. Then, there ended up being that one in the warehouse and no one wanted to skate it, so I just ended up skating that one.

So, it was a dreamspot, but not necessarily your dreamspot.
Yeah, it wasn't really my dreamspot.

What three substances besides water would you have rather had in there. I mean, water kind of sucks.
Sweet tea, ice coffee...those are the only ones I can think of that I would really want.

Jello, dude, jello.
Jello's pretty sick. That'd probably feel pretty good if you fell in it.

Your board would just bounce out of it, right?
Yeah [Laughs].

Was everyone pretty bummed that Lindsay got a Dreamspot with hot girls in bikinis and no one else did?
I'm pretty sure everyone was bummed, but I wasn't around.

I was wondering about that, because if everyone was getting their dreamspot, wouldn't everyone want scantily clad women around the spot?
Yeah, for sure.

Or, at least, scantily clad women that don't nag you. That's a dreamspot right there.