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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
You know Hawks have returned when their fans are trash-talking at The Joe

DETROIT -- You know the Blackhawks have come a long way from their dark, no-playoffs coma when their fans are trash-talking Red Wings patrons.

As some of you might know, the press box at Joe Louis Arena is essentially the last row of the rink, so we're right with the fans.

I'm sitting in my spot about 7 p.m. ET as fans enter the building, and here we go … a couple of Hawks fans giving it to the bigger contingent of Wings fans in the section near me.

"Oh, big deal, you guys needed seven games to beat the No. 8 seed, big deal," one Hawks fan said.

"Talk to me when you've won something, buddy," the Wings fan said.

"The future is now, wake up," the Hawks fan said.

And we'll end our reporting there … for family reasons.

Just a little snapshot to show that it's been a long road back for the Hawks and that their fans are loving having a team that matters again.