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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Homies 2 Teaser

Nico Droz and his French crew are back for another round of "Homies."

Maybe you remember the conversation Droz had with Devun Walsh, trying to get him to film for the first "Homies":

Nico: "Yo Devun, how have you been?"

Devun: "Uhh...I've been good how are you Nico?"

Nico: "Good, good. Hey you know what? I'm working on my own video with a bunch of homies from France, and we would be super stoked if you could film with us."

Devun: "Uhhh..."

Nico: "I don't know if you would be into it or not..."

Devun (sitting in a coffee shop): "Uhhh...hey I'm, uhh, driving right now and I'm, uhh, going to hit a bad reception zone. So hey, I'll give you a ring back as soon as I get to where I'm going. Don't call me I'll call you."

Well, that was the first round, and we're expecting some more contrived (and real) skits and stunts for round two. The unruly Frenchie gang is not afraid to call themselves and everyone out. On everything. Oh and then there's the banger riding. Nicolas Droz is the captain steering the ship, with Pierre Rué, Paul Lambersens, Arthur Girault, Alex Doumergue, Charles Gagnon, Romain Taillefer, Romain De Marchi, Jonas Emery, Corey Noble and David Livet.